Kara Weber
News Writer

Now that winter is done, a new change at Millersville has begun. Spring has welcomed the start of construction on the first phase of the residence halls project for Millersville’s campus.
Included in the first phase of this approximately 5 year long project begins with the installation of the force main pipe that carries water and sewage. This is followed by work on a detention pond and a new parking lot across from Lenhardt and Burrowes.
The actual construction on the eight new residence halls will begin on May 20. These new halls, located around the “Quad”, will eventually replace all of the existing residence halls located on campus.

A view of the construction by Lenhardt and Burrowes halls.
A view of the construction by Lenhardt and Burrowes halls.

“With all the dorms bringing more students together in the same area I can see a more tight-knit atmosphere for students living on-campus,” said senior, Kris Grundel.
The first two buildings are scheduled to be completed by August 2014. The buildings will include 185,000 square feet and consist of 709 beds. Hobbs hall will be demolished immediately after the end of the fall 2013 semester to prepare for the construction of the two residence halls. Students who are assigned to Hobbs Hall during the fall 2013 semester will be reassigned to other housing locations. To their advantage, the reassigned students will be able to have first choice in selecting a suite in the new facility for the following academic year. The two high-rises, Lenhardt and Burrowes Hall will be demolished in Spring 2014 to make further room for the new construction.
The new residence halls will include an array of features that improve the quality of living for future student residents. There will be a continuum of fully furnished living suites ranging from shared bedrooms for freshmen that encourage interaction, to a full suite layout that includes a living room, kitchenette and private bedrooms. In all cases, no more than two residents will share one bathroom, and each suite will feature individual heating/cooling controls.
“The new residence halls will offer more privacy than our current halls and therefore afford more opportunity for students to focus on their academics in more conducive learning space,” said Dr. Aminta Breaux, Vice President of Student Affairs.
The new halls will also incorporate game rooms, larger study rooms with small conference style rooms for studying, a business center, Wi-Fi throughout, and all areas will be fully wired for highly programmable access control. There will also be a smart laundry facility, where students can check availability, reserve machines and monitor the progress of their wash/dry cycles online. “I cannot tell you how many times I’ve brought my laundry all the way to the basement to find that every single washer is taken. I think it would be so incredibly cool to go online and check if any of the washers are available before you lug your clothes downstairs,” said sophomore Alicia Morrissey.
“This is an remarkable project that will significantly change the look and feel of the living environment on the campus. It will bring us closer to our goal of bridging the learning environments on the campus,” said Breaux. “It will be a history making event.”
For more information on student housing please contact the Department of Housing and Residential Programs at 717-872-3164 or visit their webpage at www.millersville.edu/housing.