TKE prepares for fundraiser

Native Maze will be bringing their usual funky, jam-style.

Dan Lancellotti
Arts & Culture Editor

Native Maze will be bringing their usual funky, jam-style.
Native Maze will be bringing their usual funky, jam-style.

Tau Kuppa Epsilon has not been able to sponsor a fundraising concert for several years. Since the fraternity has grown, President Jonathan Light and the Inner Fraternal Council decided that now was the time to bring the show back. On April 12th from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., four bands will be playing at the Multi-Purpose Room in the SMC.
Planning began in September, so the event has been nine months in the making. Light is stressed out but excited for the show that he spent so much time preparing.
TKE contributed $250 and IFC gave $500. Light was very appreciative of the the money that IFC gave: he returned their gift with profuse thanks.
“If [after the concert] we feel that we didn’t make enough money to give to St. Jude, we will take money from ourselves and put it into St. Jude,” said Light–while it is nice to help out the chapter, the main goal of this show is to raise money and awareness for St. Jude’s.
Tickets are $11. Half will go towards the chapter and the other half will go to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. The artists playing will be Native Maze, Yeswerill, and two frat brothers: Quan Lewis, with the artist name Young Black, and Ben Kreiger, from the band Simply Perfect. All the bands will be performing on a voluntary basis and will play a total of three and a half hours of music. There will also be raffles, which include a total of $100 in gift cards to businesses around Park City Mall. In addition, Ben Kreiger donated a guitar painted with the TKE colors and symbols.
Light will oversee the event and make sure everything runs smoothly.
“I want to give a special thank-you to MUPD for all their time and support,” said Light. “If anything goes wrong, MUPD will be there to take care of it.” Katherine Kealey, the Greek advisor, guided Light through the process of setting up and executing a show.
“We hope to make this a tradition and keep it going strong over the next couple of years,” said Light.