Democracy Matters meets MU

Zachary Staab
Assoc. News Editor

demo mattersThe nationally recognized grassroots student organization, Democracy Matters, might be making it’s way to MU. Founded in 2001 by former NBA player Adonal Foyle, Democracy Matters is a non-partisan, non-profit political organization committed to strengthening democracy. The student political organization is currently operating on 55 campuses across the United States. To accommodate for possible heterogeneity at each college campus, chapters are given the freedom to develop their own constitution.
Abagail Weaver, an intern with Democracy Matters, has been filling out the necessary paperwork to acquire temporary organization status. After obtaining temporary status, Weaver “hopes” that Democracy Matters will gain official organization status next year. The grassroots movement organization will refrain from electing executive board members or officers until receiving their temporary status. The groups core constituents include Weaver, Patricia Garner, Richard Kanter, and Gina Masciantonio as key members.
“I believe that as a whole, Millersville University could make a big statement if we all come together and demand that our voices are once again heard in government,” said Weaver. Many grassroots activists believe that democracy has stopped working for average citizens because candidates are growing more concerned with money, re-election, and passing legislation. One issue that threatens democracy in America, Weaver explained, is that only seven states grant candidates the opportunity to run publicly funded. Weaver credits corporate and private funds for causing elected officials to become “concerned with securing donations for the next election cycle,” and essentially removing citizens from the voting process. By utilizing the energy and creativity of college student, Democracy Matters intends to promote change and rework the current political system.
MU branch of Democracy Matters is having a two day Action Campaign on April 17th and April 18th at the Huntington House for interested students. On April 17th students can enjoy coffee and donuts while learning more about specific ways of getting involved with Democracy Matters. On April 18th Joan Mandle, the executive director of Democracy Matters is coming to have a facilitated discussion with the campus community and various organizations. The evening will also include a screening of the documentary “Priceless,” as well as a raffle with several wonderful prizes. For the rest of the semester Democracy Matters at Millersville University will meet every Wednesday Night at 6pm in the Huntingdon House conference room.