Anthony Jadus
Senate Recorder

Last Thursday, April 4, at Student Senate, Millersville’s 14th president, Dr. Anderson, was in attendance, and he talked about how nice his welcome was, how excited he is to be here, and how eager he is to continue moving forward and bettering Millersville University as a whole. There were a few clubs in attendance, such as the Fashion at Heart organization, which gained temporary status at the meeting, and the Collegiate Middle Level Association of MU, who were also given temporary club status. The American Meteorological Society was present, and they were given permission to have one more officer position, of which was a historian. The Student Senate kept conversations about an activities hour open, and an update to that topic is that there could be one hour free on Tuesdays and Thursdays without class being held during that time. It was decided and confirmed that no longer will petty cash be used for organizations, and this past Sunday was the last meeting for the Finance Committee, so the meeting on Thursday, April 11, will be important because Student Senate will be voting on the budget.