2013 Senior Class Gift announced

Jackie Lafferty
News Writer

The bell tower and its surrounding area will receive a facelift for the 2013 Senior Class Gift.
The bell tower and its surrounding area will receive a facelift for the 2013 Senior Class Gift.

The best way for a graduating class to leave their mark on the University is by providing a great Senior Class Gift. Thanks to the 601 seniors who voted, it was announced last week that the Senior Class Gift will be the renovation of the area around the Alumni Bell Tower outside the SMC. This plan was set in motion by the Senior Class Gift Committee made up of students who are graduating in May or December of 2013. This committee is responsible for selecting a senior class gift, planning fundraising activities, and supporting the alumni office in regards to the senior class gift. Of the brainstorming process Committee Member Shane McGrady says, “The Senior Class Gift Committee brainstorms on possible ideas for gifts. Once we have a few options we send out a survey to see what the students of the senior class want to have as their gift back to the university. Once the survey has ended, we move forward with the planning of the gift.”
The two most popular gift ideas were to have a room named in honor of the Class of 2013 or to redo the landscaping around the Bell Tower. The Bell Tower idea received the most votes in the survey. McGrady says there are no definite plans at this point regarding the renovations but the intention is for the landscaping to be redone to make it more appealing to the eye as well as a nice area to sit and enjoy the outdoors.
“We hope to incorporate some type of Wellness aspect into the area as well. We will be meeting with facilities soon to discuss the changes to the area,” McGrady says.
Reactions to the Senior Class Gift from seniors have been very positive.
Senior Shaun Sultzaberger says, “The senior class gift is a great tradition and a great way for graduates to show their appreciation for the opportunities they have had at Millersville University. I’m glad to be a part of the renovations involving the bell tower.”
Senior Zach Teti agreed that a senior gift is the ultimate representation of a graduating class. “It’s our chance to mark our endeavors as a whole in the physical framework of a school that we were proud to attend. I’m glad our role in the Millersville legacy is renovating the SMC bell area,” Teti says.
Funding for the renovations will come from honorary messages that have been sold to and purchased by parents and students to be displayed in the commencement program. Additional revenue will be generated from the 5K Get Up and Glow Run taking place on April 25th sponsored by the Senior Class Gift Committee and the Women’s and Wellness Center. If anyone is interested in further information about the Senior Class Gift they can contact the Development Office at 717-872-3820.