Cat Ardes
Staff Writer

Millersville’s very own George Street Carnival will have a release party for their annual journal this Friday, April 26, 2013.
No, George Street Carnival isn’t actually a carnival but it is a club on campus that releases a journal every year comprised of student, faculty, staff, and alumni submissions of poetry, prose, and art. Founded in 1971, George Street Carnival has kept their tradition of showing off the best work of the student body, minus a hiatus for a few years.
Since September, members of George Street Carnival have been in the process of making this journal. Last semester, meetings were held every week to gather ideas for fundraising, getting the word out for submissions, and themes for the entire look of the journal. For a few days of the semester, several members of the club dedicated their time to sell baked goods in the SMC and one day in particular was perfect for throwing paint on a blank canvas to spread the word for submitting literary and visual work into the journal. Submissions opened in October and closed in December, allowing enough time for submissions and the word to get out.
After the deadline, members continued to work with GSC over winter break. Every piece in each category was read by several members over the course of their break. Upon the start of this semester, GSC regrouped to narrow down the submissions that would make up the journal. Over 200 pieces of art, 160 poems, and 50 prose pieces were submitted but GSC had to make hard decisions about which pieces would make it into the journal. 25 pieces of art, 35 poems, and 8 short stories were decided upon.
Open to all who love art or any literary piece can come to the release party. It will take place from 6pm to 8pm in the Ford Atrium in McComsey Hall. Aside from the release of the journal, there will be readings from the authors with their work that has made it and a few words from the staff members of GSC. Food and refreshments will be provided and all attendees will receive a copy of this year’s journal. If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere, listening to a few short stories, and looking to read new and original work by fellow students and faculty, make it a point to attend George Street Carnival’s release party.