Women’s tennis served by Kutztown

Anthony Jadus
Staff Writer

Jess Taleff serves the ball against a tough Kutztown team.
Jess Taleff serves the ball against a tough Kutztown team.

Tennis is a sport about consistency and determination. One look at the Millersville women’s tennis team, and one can see that this team shows both of these characteristics day in and day out.
This past weekend, the team showed both consistency and determination as they played their semi-finals match and their consolation match. Although they lost to the powerhouse that is Cal U, they came back strong in their consolation match where they played Millersville’s rival school – Kutztown University.
In doubles action, Millersville’s numbers 1 and 3 doubles lost, but the No. 2 team of Liz Wagner and Tori Davis won 8-4. This was not a bad start, as the other doubles teams lost in close efforts. The No. 1 team lost 5-8, and the No. 3 team lost in a very close match of 6-8.
Moving over to singles play, and number 1 senior Melissa Plowman won her match, and number 5 freshman Tori Davis won her match. Although these were the only two singles wins from MU on the day, freshman Nicole Daacke was in progress with her match. She won her first set 6-2, lost the second set 6-7, and was winning her third set 2 games to 1 when the match was called because 5 of Millersville’s players lost, so essentially the match was over. Also No. 6 Ale Heller played very well as she took the first set off of her opponent 7-5, but ended up losing in the next two sets 3-6 3-6.
This loss still gave Millersville the fourth placed spot, and it was a good way to end the season. Of course MU would have liked the win, but to be able to say that they played their hearts out, and never quit fighting, is what not only this match was about, but also what the entire season was about. With senior players Melissa Plowman and Kelsey Waite leading their team well all season, this team did make a good run into the Championships, and they did have a few monumental achievements this season such as beating Bloomsburg, which had not happened since the 2004-2005 season.
This weekend brought a lot of good things for Millersville tennis, and moving on from here is going to be a smooth transition. The team will be looking to come back with a vengeance next year and do even more damage in the PSAC Championships.