Yeah! Ludacris coming to Millersville

Cat Ardes
Staff Writer

This Friday April 26, 2013, Ludacris will be performing here at Millersville University.

Ludacris will be performing at a sold out show on April 26.
Ludacris will be performing at a sold out show on April 26.

Ludacris is a three-time Grammy award winner from Atlanta, Georgia who made his record debut just a little over 10 years ago with his debut album, Back for the First Time. He has released five albums since then and a few of his major hits throughout the years have been “Stand Up”, “Get Back”, “Number One Spot”, “Money Maker”, and “My Chick Bad”, in which all of these have led him to more than 20 million records sold nation-wide.
Aside from music, Ludacris has also taken up acting in his career and has starred in films such as Crash (2004), Hustle & Flow (2005), No Strings Attached (2011), and the Fast and Furious film series. He has also appeared in the infamous Law & Order: SVU several times on television. You can also find Ludacris in Fast Six which will be released in May 2013.
Along with his music and acting career, Ludacris is an entrepreneurial. His new restaurant, Chicken-n-Beer, will be opening in 2013 in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport. He has also has partnered to launch SOUL; headphones by Ludacris, which began selling nation-wide during the summer of 2011.
Ludacris has also found time in his busy life to dedicate some of his time to give back to the community. He founded the Ludacris Foundation in 2001 based out of Atlanta, Georgia, reaching out to youth of all ages and all over the country inspiring them to reach for their dreams no matter where they come from.
From all of his areas of interest from his music career, acting career, and his dedication to his foundation, Ludacris has received several awards. He has received the Screen Actors Guild and Critics’ Choice award for his work in Crash and in 2010, MSNBC named Ludacris one of today’s most effective performers on American culture.

This year’s spring concert will be Grammy winner Ludacris.
This year’s spring concert will be Grammy winner Ludacris.

Hip-hop collective groups from Atlanta will be opening for Ludacris. The up and coming group are currently a six member group with members Curtis Williams, Key!, FatKidsBrotha, Retro Su$h!, DJ Osh Kosh, Gunner Stahl, and OriginalFani
The event will take place at Pucillo gym and doors will be opening at 7:30pm. Tickets have been sold at the ticket office for $5 each for students and $10 each for general admission. Unfortunately tickets are sold out of the event but those who were lucky enough to get tickets are the first to enter. The first 200 people at the door will receive an official spring concert wristband and keep a lookout for free T-shirt giveaways during the concert. Be sure to bring your Millersville ID and your license (if you have one) to be certain you can enter the concert. The Concert Committee has been working hard to ensure this event will be a fun and safe time for all who attend.