Jeff Grey performs junior recital

Cat Ardes
Staff Writer

On Friday April 26, 2013, Jeff Grey performed his junior recital.
The recital took place at the Winter Center in Biemesderfer concert hall and started at 7:30 p.m. Friends and family could be seen seated throughout the concert hall supporting Jeff in his big moment.
Jeff began his performance with saxophone and played three songs to start the night. Joan Allen played piano for all three saxophone pieces to help create a beautiful sound all together behind Jeff.

Jeff Grey performs ‘Scaramouche’ on the saxophone.
Jeff Grey performs ‘Scaramouche’ on the saxophone.

His first song, “Sonata in E Minor”, composed by George Frideric Handel in 1724 was performed by Jeff in four movements; “Grave” which started the song cheerfully then moved into “Allegro” continuing the song but in a more rhythmic tone which then transitioned into “Adagio” creating a more flowing sound and ultimately ending the song with “Allegro” again.
The second saxophone piece performed was “Aria”, written by Jacques Ibert in 1930. A popular song that Jeff performed smoothly and created a relaxed mood throughout the hall.
The third and final saxophone piece that Jeff had performed for the night was “Scaramouche” written by Darius Milhaud in 1939. Jeff admitted this was his most difficult piece he had to perform but no one would know that besides himself because he performed it rather flawlessly. “Scaramouche” was performed in three movements; starting with “Vif” that gave the song a busy and melodic sound, the second movement, “Modere”, is a soft and sweet sound that allows the piano to come through and thirdly transitioning into “Braziliera” finishing the song with a dance-like theme and fun sound.
Jeff started the second half of his recital on guitar performing three songs. Steve Mae and Andrew Ortiz accompanied Jeff on stage performing guitar and percussion on either side of him. The guitar performance gave the entire feel of the second-half a summer meets music festival feel throughout. Jeff brought out a bit of his comedic side also admitting “I’ve never played guitar in a tux before.” Giving the audience a good laugh.
The first song, “The Crossing”, is a song with lyrics and music written by Jeff with rhythm and mood. It’s a song with capturing lyrics and a song of love.

The second half of the recital began with ‘The Crossing’ written by Jeff Grey.
The second half of the recital began with ‘The Crossing’ written by Jeff Grey.

“Saint” is the second song performed with lyrics by Jeff and music written by Jeff and Andrew Ortiz. The song tells a story of a peril relationship that could have had so much potential for a good future.
The last and final song was also written by Jeff with music written by Jeff and Andrew Ortiz called “Cottonmouth”. In the song, he tells of uncertainty and a curiosity for the future.
Jeff began playing saxophone in his elementary school’s music program and has thus been playing for 11 years. He picked up the guitar when he started high school and has been playing for six years now. Some of his influences for guitar are Dave Mathews and Ray LaMontagne and has been into Allen Stone and Radiohead for awhile. His inspiration for saxophone consists of Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Russ Peterson, and Jeff Coffin.
Preparation for this recital began the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester. Jeff said “Before my performance, I felt the nerves start to stack on but I was so excited to finally perform what I had been working months on.” Over all, Jeff felt the recital went very well and he left everything on the stage.