CMLA of MU has been recently nationally recognized

Kaitlin Specht
News Writer

As of this past March, the Collegiate Middle Level Association (CMLA) of Millersville University became nationally recognized as an organization on campus. CMLA is a club for those majoring in Middle Level Education. Students are able to teach 4th through 8th grade with concentrations in either Math, Science, Social Studies, or English/Language Arts at the middle school level.

The Collegiate Middle Level Association became nationally recognized as an organization.
The Collegiate Middle Level Association became nationally recognized as an organization.

“We have plans wanting to do more volunteering in schools,” said Carley Grab, President of CMLA. “We just had a career development program assistant principal from Manor Middle School present tricks and how to look for jobs.”
Grab mentioned how the organization would like to be able to work more with students and kids, and to spread awareness about the major. “A lot of people in our education department don’t know a lot about it,” Grab stated.
“Right now we’re doing a school supplies drive for at-risk schools,” said Dr. Jennifer Shettel, assistant professor for the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education.
“We would really like to grow more and get more members,” said Grab. “We would really like to be doing more programs in the schools, after school programs, and get more connections with students.”
Dr. Jennifer Shettel and Dr. Kimberly Heilshorn chaperoned the current MDLV professional block students and the MDLV student teachers at the PA-Middle Level Educators (PAMLE) conference back in February. The conference was held at State College where they spent the day attending sessions of their choice, learning new ideas for their teaching careers and, “understanding the role of professional organizations at the state level,” according to Shettel.
“Dr. Heilshorn presented a session entitled Math + Literacy = Improved Mathematical Thinking along with MDLV seniors Zachary Bitting, Mallory Austin, and Sarah Berhardt,” mentioned Shettel. “I presented a session called Literacy APPS for Middle Level Learners. Assisting me in this presentation were MDLV seniors Stephanie Goshert, Katlin Kelly, and Christina Lewis.”
Since the Middle Level Ed. degree became available just a few years ago, students graduating this month will be the first group as certified MDLV teachers.
Shettel is excited about the, “promising focus on the adolescent that this new certification area provides, “ and how, “Our Middle Level program is continuing to grow at Millersville.”
To learn about the Middle Level Ed. Degree requirements, go to this link:…t%202-11-10.pdf
To become involved with CMLA, visit their website and Facebook pages: &
For any additional information about CMLA, please contact Carley Grab at: or find their club’s bulletin board outside of Stayer Rm. 111 where they frequently post information.