Senate Recap

Anthony Jadus
Senate Recorder

This past Thursday, May 2nd, was the Student Senate’s second-to-last meeting of the year, and we started off the meeting by inducting new member, Brooke Thompson. There were three organizations that were awarded temporary club status, and they included Active Minds, the Sports Management Association, and the Pre-Law Society. The process of dissention in regards to Gov. Corbett coming to commencement will be progressively moving forward, and if anyone is interested in an armband, stop by one of our tables during finals week. We appreciate donations for the effort. In order to get one of these armbands however, seniors must sign the Declaration of Dissent. As the meeting drew to a close, our advisor Michelle Perez had just one thing to say to the up and coming and revitalized Senate, which was, “Let’s get it on.” We are looking forward to “getting it on” and we are excited to see what next year will bring.