Theodore R. Griffiths
Assoc. Opinion Editor

Before I begin this article, I want to thank the entire staff at The Snapper for making this semester my very best. I knew something was missing after I transferred to Millersville University, and it turned out to be this particular group of people.
From studying the Features section to find mistakes, simply because I knew Anne was a perfectionist (I found one, just one), to having my personal worth brought down a notch everyday by Brandon (love you too, man), it has been a semester to remember.
I believe in the seniors that will be leaving our office in two weeks, and I know that each and every one of them will find success outside of the bottom floor of the Student Memorial Center. I have only spent one semester with The Snapper, but I already feel like the staff is an extension of my own family.
This brings me to my overall point, which is the fact that I never would have learned how to embrace new people and work with them as a team without the college experience and the extracurricular activities that come with it.
The social class of the college educated have a leg up on the rest of society because of these experiences, but simply attending class and accepting that degree is not enough. It is essential for a student to join a club and participate in activities as a group.
Participating in extracurricular activities is the best way to provoke interaction with other students who may be interested in the same topics as you. It is also a far more rewarding experience than meeting all of your friends at parties, essentially relegating them to “drinking friends,” which never provide any type of true comfort or care.
Working for a student-run organization, like The Snapper, also provides a feeling of achievement each week, resulting from the completion of an article or page layout. There is no feeling quite like working on an article over the weekend, putting the paper together with the rest of the staff on Tuesday, then finally reading the edited articles in the completed paper on Wednesday. It is at that point that you know that you are contribut ing to, and becoming part of, that Millersville University community.
Speaking of the Millersville University community, it is one that we should be proud of. Most students work part-time jobs and go to class, but there is always free time to add a student- run organization into that schedule. In choosing this school, most of us have already admitted that we will be proud to graduate from here, so there is no reason that we shouldn’t give back to the university and show prospective students how lively our student-run organizations are.
To be brief: Join a studentrun organization, because without them college is nothing but a high school with dorms. It is beneficial for your social life and your resume, and it is something that any student could benefit from.
I would once again like to congratulate the seniors on our staff who will be graduating, and I will miss working with all of you (except Brandon, he’s one of my roommates). Have a great summer and good luck in all of your future endeavors.