Hannah no more, Miley grows up

Alaysia Smith
Staff Writer

It goes without saying that we were all shocked at the performance Miley Cyrus gave at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Long gone is country pop singer Hannah Montana. But is her change of style and music for the better?
HannahMontana4Ever since the beginning of her singing/acting career fans have adored her. Miley has always seemed pretty tame when it came to her music which was perfect for her to gain tween fans. Playing the titular character in Hannah Montana she became one of the most recognized faces on Disney Channel. It became very clear that Miley was trying to get away from this image. It began in 2012 she traded her long brown hair for a short blonde, pixie-like hairdo.
Her lead single “We Can’t Stop” has been called provocative and controversial.
Miley Cyrus is a talented singer but personally I’ve never been a fan of her music. I also believe her acting to be mediocre. Many people love Miley’s new style because they believe that she is simply expressing herself and being true to who she is.miley cyrus
I’m all about being unique and I especially don’t see the harm in a new hairstyle. But I do express concern when it comes to her music video “We Can’t Stop.” It’s creative and has a catchy rhythm yet it’s full of negative themes such as drinking, getting high, sex, and heavy partying. It’s not like we haven’t seen these themes before but the fact remains that a lot of Miley’s fans are young teens and a video like this only sends the wrong messages. Especially when it comes to her live performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, which I thought was very tasteless and desperate.
While watching it I was disgusted and in utter disbelief. Miley only seemed interested in how well she could twerk and getting reactions from the crowd, so gone was the sophistication of putting on a good performance. Her inability to keep her tongue in her moth was also disturbing.
Where artists such as Lady Gaga has been thought of to be “out there” she certainly has more class and reason behind what she does; Miley does not. And if the crowds’ stunned faces doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will.
I feel that Miley Cyrus is going through a time where she is finding her identity as a singer. I don’t think change is bad; however I do think thought and consideration should be put into the changes made. Questions like “Who is this song for?” and “How do I want to be remembered?” need to be answered. So whether her changes are for the good or bad, only time will tell.