Imagine Dragons perform in Atlantic City

Lexie Corner
Staff Writer

On the night of August 30, alternative rock band Imagine Dragons dominated the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, Nj.
Their first and only studio album “Night Visions” skyrocketed them from garage band into world-renowned rock stars in only one year. The band consists of Dan Reynolds, lead singer and guitarist, Ben McKee, bass guitarist, Wayne “Wing” Sermon, lead guitarist and Dan Platzman on the drums.

Imagine Dragons sold out the Borgata Event Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey in August.
Imagine Dragons sold out the Borgata Event Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey in August.

The Las Vegas based rockers played a set of fifteen songs for a euphoric crowd of about 1,000 people. Their most popular song to date, “Radioactive,? made the audience morph into a surging wave of explosive energy and hysteria.
“Dan Reynolds’ voice sounded almost identical to the records,” said Victoria Carr, who attended the concert. “It blew my mind.”
Although the band is relatively new and fresh to the music industry, they knew how to put on a breathtaking show full of passion, energy and elation. Reynolds intoxicated all the fans with his raw, intense vocals as Sermon and McKee ravaged their guitar strings with complex and fierce riffs.
During their song, “On Top Of The World”, Reynolds lobbed seven, huge colorful balls into the crowd and, to everyone’s surprise, they later exploded into a shower of confetti. The crowd clapped, shouted and danced to the song, a frenzy of human limbs and bodies pushing up against one another in a seemingly endless dance. It was as if Reynolds, McKee, Sermon and Platzman bewitched the audience with a feeling of pure ecstasy to forget about everything except for the band, lights and madness erupting around them.
However, the band countered their adrenaline-charged performance with their sad and intimate song, “30 Lives” as a dedication to their recently deceased friend, Tyler Robinson, who tragically fell into the hands of cancer. The usual bright purple, orange and green lights dimmed down to a single ray of soft blue focused on Reynolds as he sang a sorrowful but powerful acoustic performance with fellow member McKee. The pit transformed into a vigil as countless fans swayed, sang along and raised their lighters, zippos and cell phones in honor of Robinson.

Frontman, Dan Reynolds, sings to the Atlantic City crowd.
Frontman, Dan Reynolds, sings to the Atlantic City crowd.

Imagine Dragons ended their show with “Radioactive” in a flurry of vibrant lights, jaw-dropping guitar riffs and impossibly fast drum beats. The band improvised most of the sounds, playing the original song but also adding to it in a fresh array of intense vocals, intricate beats and head-banging guitar riffs.
After “Radioactive,” Reynolds thanked the crowd for their support, informing them that they cannot wait to play at the Borgata Hotel again. They exited the stage to ear-splitting roars of an encore, and as most bands and performers do, the band soon jumped back on stage and truly ended their show with their upbeat song, “Nothing Left To Say.”
Barely able to hear or speak, the crowd walked out of the auditorium after a night full of raw energy and unforgettable moments.
“This was the best night of my life!” exclaimed Megan Ardekani after the concert. “I’m sad that it’s over now. I want to go back in time and relive it!”
Imagine Dragons continue their Night Visions tour through America with their next show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Maryland Heights, MO, on September 14.