Zachariah Swope
Staff Writer

Back in 2000, Vin Diesel brought the character Riddick to life in “Pitch Black”, followed by “Chronicles of Riddick” in 2004. Despite poor box office and lukewarm reception from critics, “Riddick” became a cult hit.

Vin Diesel returns to reprise one of his most famous roles in his acting career in the new “Riddick” movie.
Vin Diesel returns to reprise one of his most famous roles in his acting career in the new “Riddick” movie.

It spawned numerous video games and comics. With fan support and a petition, the movie studios caved and decided to make “Riddick.”
Question is, was it worth the wait?
It should be noted that chances are one can get lost in what is going on if they have not seen the previous films. Riddick picks up where the last one left off.
He is the leader of the Necromongers, but because of circumstances he is marooned on a deserted planet. He is stuck on the planet for a few years and befriends a dog like creature during that time, which makes for some nice scenes between the two.
When a dark storm approaches and Riddick knows what comes with it, he resorts to desperation by trying to get help from the one thing he wants to avoid: mercenaries.
The film is slow in pace, with a lot of tense moments in the beginning. What is lacking is a story with not forced dialogue, a poorly done soundtrack, and a decent cast. The acting is mediocre at best, with the exceptions of Vin Diesel and former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, who are the standouts.
What makes up for the downfalls of the movie are the effects. The effects are really well done. One scene in particular that involves riding a hover bike in the rain is pretty awesome on the eyes. The IMAX does work in scenes like that, but in the end, it is not worth the other $5-10 to see it in that format.
“Riddick” is an alright movie if you look past its pitfalls. Was it worth the wait for those fans? Not really. It felt like a rehash of “Pitch Black” but with a twist. Yes, Vin Diesel is awesome and cool to watch, but the film doesn’t work as a whole.