Kelsey Bundra
Features Writer

Ville Getaway Weekend has a long standing tradition of allowing freshman and transfer students to meet new people by camping at a local campground. Circle M campground is located five minutes away from campus where campers are able to stay in cabins with electricity and running water.

Ville Getaway Weekend allows new students to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Ville Getaway Weekend allows new students to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Although campers participate in sports and outdoor activities, an emphasis is put on activities that make a lasting impact. This provides an opportunity for students to meet others and offers a chance to develop deeper connections; because the program is for freshmen and spring and fall transfer students, they have only one opportunity to try out Getaway Weekend.
“When people [do not] do it and later hear about it, it’s one of their regrets because it is one of the greatest parts of people’s college experience,” explains Kelsey Andariese, a Getaway senior leader.
Past campers are leaders now, and annually, the same process is repeated. A new set of campers requires new leaders, along with returning leaders. Every year, a group of leaders graduate. Although it’s tough to see them go, it provides the opportunity for new leaders to share the experience.
“It is a program that is more unique than anything else offered [at Millersville],” says Nicole Jeck, a Getaway leader.
There are many things a person can get out of Getaway Weekend. It is a learning experience meant to teach leadership, team building and how to get to know yourself and others. “Getaway weekend is basically a campout but [it is] ten times more awesome,” explains Jeck.
Campers are given a choice between two weekends: September 13-15 or the 20-22.The cost is $20, which includes food, housing, transportation and a T-shirt. MU vans will pick campers up at a central meeting place.
“It really introduced me as a freshman,” says Jeck.
Participants say that they felt safe, accepted and learned that they are not alone. The Getaway “family” always stays close, and they can provide a friendly face to see around campus. Throughout the year, campers and leaders alike hold reunions, and leaders show they care about the campers and the organization.
“I want to make sure everyone is happy,” says Libby Harris, a Getaway leader.
Looking to meet new people, have new experiences and connect on a deeper level? Join Getaway and do not miss the opportunity to bond with others.