Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5

Julia Maher
Staff Writer

Samsung has put out many commercials bashing the iPhone and giving numerous reasons why the Galaxy is superior. The Galaxy’s screen is almost a full inch larger, it is available on many more cellular networks, the camera has features such as burst mode and dual camera record, talk time on the Galaxy is 14 hours while the iPhone is only 8, Adobe Flash is enabled, a simple wave of the hand above the screen can answer a phone call, and a tap of two phones together can share a picture. Not to mention the fact that the technology as a whole is far more advanced in the S4.
The Galaxy S4 is equivalent to the possible iPhone 6 of the future, which will obviously be more advanced than the most current iPhone 5.
galaxy vs. iphone 5All of the above is impressive, and Samsung is certainly giving Apple a run for their money, but the sleek and clean look of an iPhone, the familiarity, and the allegiance to Apple products make iPhones much more desirable. Everyone knows how to work an iPhone, even if they don’t have one. Apple has made its products easy to work with.
Every time I pick up my boyfriends’ Galaxy, I struggle to make a simple phone call. Although the iPhone was not the first smartphone on the market, it definitely changed the game. Suddenly, no one was interested in having any other phone. It was all about the iPhone and it has been ever since.
Rumors have been circulating that the iPhone 5S will be coming out later this month; and the highly anticipated iPhone 6 will be released sometime in 2014.
Everyone all over the world is eager to have the latest Apple products, but the iPhone definitely has the most highly anticipated releases. It doesn’t matter that Samsung has gone above and beyond to prove that its product is better than Apples’, the majority of people are still going to chose the iPhone over the Galaxy S4.