Zachariah Swope
Staff Writer

Back in 2010, director James Wan (also known for the recent movie The Conjuring), released what was considered one of the best horror films of the past decade called Insidious. Three years later Wan followed up with a sequel titled Insidious Chapter 2. Like the first movie, Insidious Chapter 2 is well… insidious.

Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Barbara Hershey star in this follow-up horror movie.
Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Barbara Hershey star in this follow-up horror movie.

One of the more decent horror sequels to be released, the one thing the movie has going for it is it’s scares. Insidious 2 is filled with old school horror tricks, complimented by an old school horror soundtrack, much like the first film. In fact, the scares are even more intense. Don’t expect a slow build up to the scares, like a chair moving here, or a whisper being heard there. No, director James Wan goes all out from the beginning of the movie.
There are times in the movie that the scares do get repetitive and there is a little humor added into the mix. This is mainly towards the end of the film. The lack of horror and more humor doesn’t really last, especially with a scare to end the movie that was more intense than the last (no spoilers!).
The story of Insidious 2 is interesting to watch in the beginning. It starts exactly where the first one left off. Things just get plain weird towards the half way mark, when elements in the story just start making no sense. The scares are still there, but the story is lacking and filled with plot holes. It does all make sense at the end. The movie even ends on another cliffhanger.
Since the movie is a direct sequel, there are a lot of things mentioned and seen from the first film. If you have yet to see the first film, it is recommended to do so for one might get a bit lost, plus it is one great horror film. The movie should also be noted to be shorted than the last one as well. It does make it disappointing since the movie can go on for just a bit longer, possibly to fill in the plot holes.
The acting in Insidious 2 is alright, with the standouts of Patrick Wilson and Angus Sampson (comic relief). All the original cast is back with a few new members to boot to deal with the reign of terror. In the beginning of the film though there were some issues with the dubbed voice of one actress. The voice just didn’t seem to fit and the lip-sync seemed out of place at times. Overall the acting seemed believable.
Insidious Chapter 2 is a decent sequel. Yes there might be some plot holes and a lag pace, but people come to see Insidious for the scares. For that you won’t be disappointed!