Millersville tennis teams’ positives outweigh preseason negatives

Anthony Jadus
Staff Writer

With a new year upon the women and men’s tennis teams here at Millersville, we see a couple of changes occurring on both sides.
With the departure of star players, and former No. 1 and No. 2 players, Melissa Plowman and Kelsey Waite, the women’s team is now looking more towards the new and upcoming players such as Nicole Daacke and Tori Davis.

Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams look to improve from last season in 2013-14.
Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams look to improve from last season in 2013-14.

Under the new leadership of the big hitting senior Liz Wagner, and the return of senior Ale Heller, and junior Maggie Karr. This team has a strong looking line up even though they are dealing with some key losses.
There are a few additions and recruits currently going through tryouts who are also trying to make the roster, so this team definitely has a lot of potential.
Shifting over to the men’s side one can see that with the same six returning starters from last year, and a few strong recruits coming in, this team is only getting better and better.
Being led by the commanding play of No.1 Jody Sambrick, in what is now being known as Sambrictatorship, the team is getting stronger in all aspects. Jody was among the best players in the PSAC last year, and barring any setbacks, it will be a similar story this year. His lead by example play is helping this always-improving team, so there is nothing but good things to come. This play was seen at PSAC’s last weekend where Jody played some top-notch tennis.
Last weekend, the top players from both the men and women’s teams participated in the PSAC Championships where they competed with other top players in the league.
Tucker Mertz and Kevin Tran played doubles, with Tucker and No.1 Jody Sambrick also playing in the singles division. On the ladies side, Liz Wagner and Ale Heller competed in the doubles division as well as the singles division, where other teammate Tori Davis also played.
Ale Heller advanced to the second round, and Liz lost in a very tightly contested match, with a score of 6-7 (5) 6-7 (5). The big story for Millersville however was Jody Sambrick playing his usual overpowering game, as he crushed his way into the semi finals.
In the semis, Sambrick dropped the first set 3-6, but had a set point in the second set, but couldn’t manage to surpass Mercyhurst’s Travis Beck as he lost in a second set tiebreaker.
Overall, Millersville put out a good showing at the PSAC’s and through their effort, they have a nice base to keep building on what they have started. Their first fall match is September 27th against Harford Community College.

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