Alaysia Smith
Staff Writer

Attractions such as the Haunted Hayride, Frightmare Asylum and the new Nocturnal Wasteland are promised to bring chills and scares to Field of Scream visitors.
Attractions such as the Haunted Hayride, Frightmare Asylum and the new Nocturnal Wasteland are promised to bring chills and scares to Field of Scream visitors.

Looking for some haunted fun this Halloween? Then look no further because Field of Screams has it all! Only a short ride from Millersville University, Filed of Screams has a chilling backdrop that offers four unique attractions filled with grotesque creatures. All feature realistic props, sickening smells and live actors which make it feel all the more terrifying.
Sitting on a wagon pulled by a tractor through a cornfield, The Haunted Hayride has plenty to offer. Riders will travel through a graveyard, slaughterhouse, circus, medieval time, toxic dump, hillbilly property and much more on this twenty minute ride. Riders will hear familiar music from their favorite scary movies like Friday the 13th, Psycho, Children of the Corn. Near the end there is special message from none other than Freddy Krueger. Try not to get too scared when the inhabitants climb up onto the wagon. Featured on the Travel Channel as one of the world’s scariest haunted houses, The Den of Darkness is a three story haunted house filled to the brim with monsters, spiders, butchers, and doctors. Be ready to climb, crawl, and squeeze while trying to find the exit of this sinister house. Shakyra Loran said the Den of Darkness is her favorite because of the “Make up and crazy people.” The Frightmare Asylum is loaded with disturbed patients, insane doctors, and wicked nurses. Meandering up four dark floors is not easy when there’s something around every corner. Frightmare Asylum has also been featured on the Travel Channel as one of the best haunted attractions in the world. Last but certainly not least is the newest attraction Nocturnal Wasteland. On a crooked trail through the woods in the dark of night live monstrosities ready to scare all those who enter their domain. Old vehicles like cars, ambulences, a school buses, and an ice cream truck are scattered along the trail as a reminder of those who didn’t escape the woods. Eighth grader Eliel Duiz, who has been to the Field of Screams multiple times, says it “gets scarier.”
Field of Screams has an array of entertainment. From games to live music the choices are endless. The Scream Shop to buy all types of merchandise like shirts, jewelry, mugs, hats, and other exclusive items. A trip is not complete without stopping at The Souvenir Photo. Not only that, but there are endless competitions held at Field of Screams. Hosted by the CW, America’s Next Top Monster is an event where contestants are judged on acting ability, personality, and overall presentation. Anyone can show their talents at the Rap Battle, the Annual Hip Hop Dance Battle, or the Annual Skateboard Half Pipe Competition. One of the more famous events is the Battle of the Bands. Hosting a 5k run this year in the Zombie Fun Run participants will be running for their lives. Runners will have to navigate the obstacle course that runs through the Haunted Hayride, Nocturnal Wasteland and the Frightmare Asylum, all the while trying to avoid the zombies chasing them.
Rock music, chainsaws and screams is a constant sound while at the Field of Screams. Creatures of all shapes and sizes are walking the premises ready to converse and scare all visitors. There are quite a lot of food vendors serving hot dogs, sausages, French fries, cotton candy, funnel cake and other tasty treats. “I liked how they used phobias…clowns, spiders, claustrophobia,” said Millersville University student James Clearly, who went to Filed of Screams opening weekend. The Field of Screams is open from September to the first weekend of November. For some frightening season fun, the Field of Screams will not disappoint.