Brandy Andrew
Staff Writer

Supposedly, the pen is mightier than the sword. However, in President Obama’s case, the mighty pen and his even mightier voice seem to be all fanfare and no muscle. I would hate to see what would happen if he tried to fight with his sword.
While that applies to everything that Obama has said, it is most glaringly obvious in his tear-jerking, heartwarming, utterly useless speeches given in the aftermath of a deadly shooting.
Recently, Obama spoke at the Washington Navy Yard after a man named Aaron Alexis perched on an overlook and opened fire, killing 12 and injuring 8.
Reading snippets of his speech, I had a serious case of déjà vu. He tells us how this is a terrible tragedy and we are all united in our grief, how this violence is not normal or acceptable and that we have to “change.”
ObamaThe problem with all those nice words is that they don’t mean a thing. How many times has he given the same speech? How much has changed? Nothing. He has proven himself time and again to be unable to take a hold of his manhood, even in the most powerful position in the country, and make that change he loves so much.
The NRA has it’s own speeches, and while they are equally as predictable (“This wouldn’t have happened if there were more guns!”), they have muscle to back it up. They may not be eloquent, but they end up with more power than Obama when it comes to gun legislation.
In this speech, he tries to answer the question as to why he hasn’t done anything about the legislation he pushes so hard for on camera. He says, “the politics are difficult.” If the man can’t handle politics, why is he the President? He knows politics; he isn’t a stupid man. The problem, the difficulty, is that he is a man without a backbone. He proved that with his failure of a health care plan.
His weak pen, sword, and spine are all easily defeated by the mightiest of all mighty things: the dollar. If the President of the United States can’t get past lobbyists buying out the Senate and the House to prevent these heartbreaking tragedies, we need both a new President and a new law regarding lobbyists.
Personally, I find lobbyists to be disgusting creatures. They buy votes to insure that their agenda is pushed in what is supposed to be a government run by and for the people. The fact that the government has become a business has played a major part in the lack of legislation preventing unstable and dangerous people from acquiring weapons and in 2010 resulted in 11,422 homicides and 19,392 suicides. In 2011, guns intentionally or unintentionally wounded 59,208.
Why is the NRA’s money more important than preventing tens of thousands of deaths per year? Why have they essentially been the legislative power behind guns for so long? And how will we take this power back from them?
Obama says, “Change will come the only way it ever has come, and that’s from the American people.” So apparently he’s bowing out of this fight and has left it up to us.
The only problem with that is we don’t have the money to buy legislators like the NRA does. I understand that the President can’t make these laws without the Senate and the House, but it seems like he could be doing more than reciting a speech and bowing out.
We do need change. If we don’t change how the laws are made now, we will never live to see gun reform, universal health care, equal pay for women, increased school funding (which we so desperately need to be a halfway educated society), federal equality in marriage, or any number of the things we need to fix this broken country.
Last year in Chicago, more than 500 people died due to gun violence. By February third this year 30 people had died as a result of gun violence in the city. The schools in the city have faced so many budget cuts that they couldn’t afford toilet paper.
Chicago is only one city, and while we all know it is a dramatic example of the problems we face in this country, it isn’t too far off from what countless cities and towns are facing every day. We can’t let this go on any further, but we can’t seem to make it stop.
I think we’ve all accepted, whether you were for or against Obama initially, that nothing is going to get done with this President. We can try to incite change, but the American people are still too comfortable to start a revolution.
It seems our only answer now is to wait until it gets unbearable. Wait until our children have been affected, and we can’t go outside and feel safe. Wait until we are rioting in the streets because we can’t take it anymore, and then maybe there will be change.