Carissa Slawecki
News Writer

Millersville University’s synchronized swim team, The Dolphin Club, has announced that it has come to an end after 62 years of performing. A lack of student interest for the 2013 season was ultimately the reason the Dolphin Club decided to shut down for the time being.

The Dolphin Club has entertained MU students and the community since being founded in 1950.
The Dolphin Club has entertained MU students and the community since being founded in 1950.

“The Dolphin Club was a very strong women’s sports team here at Millersville University for many years,” said Dr. Stacey Irwin, communications professor and faculty advisor for the Dolphin Club. The Dolphin Club was founded in 1950 and performed a water show each year for the community. They also traveled to State and Regional Intercollegiate championships for many years and in 1974 the club placed 3rd against 12 colleges in the state. In 1975 and 1976 the team placed 2nd in that same state competition. From 1978-1986 the team also had great success in state, regional and national meets.
“In the last few years a small but dedicated group of students did a great job managing the Dolphin Club but the team could not recruit enough members to continue. It is a tough job to organize, coach, and create a show with less than five members,” said Dr. Irwin. The Dolphin Club’s last performance was in April 2012.
However, there is hope for the revival of the Dolphin Club in the future. “The Dolphin Club was a student organization and if students are interested in reviving the team, I would definitely try to help with that,” said Dr. Irwin. “I hope we can rebuild the team in the near future.”
As the Dolphin Club ends their time here at Millersville University, Dr. Irwin plans on commemorating the team and their 62 years of synchronized swimming. “We are going to transfer some of the show films to the web and try to share the Dolphin Club Memorabilia with alumni so they can enjoy their time in this organization. I am currently looking for a spring intern to help edit a commemorative video to share on YouTube.”