SMCtivies promote an active lifestye: Provides outlets for students

Christina Cardamone
News Writer

The Student Memorial Center (SMC) is the living room of Millersville University’s campus. Many activities and events take place within the building to provide students with entertainment and stress outlets.
One of the newest additions within the SMC can be found in the SMC Fitness Center. One Friday evening per month, the bottom floor of the Fitness Center will be available for students until 11p.m. Numerous activities and events will be planned for students to partake in, such as; pick up style basketball games, volleyball, Wii games, and board games. Most recently they hosted a glow-in-the-dark Zumba Fitness class. Over 80 students came and participated during the event.
Sara Burcin, manager of the fitness center, hopes to arrange an active and entertaining alternative for students who are on campus Friday nights.
“The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle while having fun with friends. These events are hopefully a way to make new friends and find people they have things in common with,” said Burcin.
Some of the SMC activities that are used to attract the students may include themes, such as: baseball, March Madness, the Super Bowl, and possibly even a backyard barbecue game night. With the many different themes there is something for everyone.
In addition to the fitness center trying to provide more outlets for students, the intramural department is making their presence on campus more known. Allison Yarrow, coordinator of intramurals explained the hopes of the department and the increase in campus participation.
“We are always looking to add in more sports and programming that will get people involved,” said Yarrow. “This semester we have Throwback Thursdays from 12p.m.-1p.m. It is always a different bunch of activities that gets people moving. There is no registration required, it’s just a pick up and play type of atmosphere. We utilize our social media to get the word out there as far as what we play and where we will be each week.”
Some of the other activities that students can look forward to on behalf of the intramural department include a campus-wide capture-the-flag drop-in tournament, a kickball tournament, wallyball, which is a twist on volleyball that is played in the racquetball court, as well as a Battleship tournament, which will take place during the week of Homecoming in Brooks pool. It will include two teams in their own canoes and will attempt to sink their opponents’ canoe.
Fitness classes are still continuing to grow in participation numbers and intramurals is continuing to recruit members to make teams for their various sports. The combined efforts of these two campus departments has brought a more active and healthy lifestyle to Millersville’s campus for not just the students but also the faculty and staff. Everyone at Millersville can benefit from these outlets and allow themselves to feel more comfortable with themselves, with friends, and strangers who, given the opportunity, can become friends.
For more information on the Fitness Center and their classes stop by the Fitness Center desk and pick up a schedule or go to:
SMCtivies will take place on these following Fridays:
• Oct. 18
• Nov. 15
• Dec. 6
• Feb. 7
• Mar. 28
• Apr. 11
• May 2
Students who are interested in formulating an intramural team can set up an account on or check the Campus Recreation page on GetInvolved which can be accessed from the Millersville University homepage. Follow the intramural social media on Facebook at Millersville University Intramurals and MU_Intramurals on Twitter.