Chris Norton
Sports Editor

The Wilmington Volleyball Tournament in Delaware proved to be quite the stumbling block for the women’s volleyball team, as they fell to Wilmington in straight sets, and then to Adelphi in just five.
The Wildcats were holding the Marauders at bay with a score of 17-9, just after an 11-3 run. After a fortunate burst of confidence, Katie Lesinski and Mary Paul each had two kills to a fuel a comeback, bringing them within three. Despite their valiant efforts, the team failed to put the set away, losing 25-21.

The doubleheader proved too exhausting for Millersville.
The doubleheader proved too exhausting for Millersville.

In the second set, things looked to be going in the right direction for Millersville, as they captured their first lead of match with a score of 4-1. However, their defensive strategies failed to stop yet another run by Wilmington, forcing the Marauders to rethink their game plan.
After regrouping, Millersville brought the score back within 1, after multiple errors by the Wildcats. Unfortunately, Wilmington recovered quickly and held onto the win. The third set ended in similar fashion, with the Marauders falling by three.
Looking to recover from the loss, Millersville fought with confidence against the Panthers of Adelphi. In the first set, the Panthers were leading 21-19 before an offensive surge by the Marauders which gave them a 24-23 lead. This failed to stop Adelphia, as they went on the win 27-25.
After yet another frustrating loss in the second set, the Marauders were determined to come overcome their losses. After what looked like a sure win for the Panthers, Millersville pushed forward on a 9-3, which gave them the win by a score of 25-23.
The fourth set showed just how much the Marauders had left in them, as they defeated Adelphi 25-20, sending the game into a fifth and deciding set. Here, unfortunately, two errors would prove to be their downfall, giving the Panthers the win.
After a rough day, the women’s volleyball team took a step back and analyzed their rights and wrong. Katie Lesinski and Mary Paul were responsible for 11 play kills, and Jessica Franz recorded 35 assists, as well as 13 digs. Brooklyn Smith also dug out 29 attacks.
Seeing as they lost their two matches, the Marauders realized that they had performed well, and looked to carry their confidence over to their next match to recover.