Adjusting to the college lifestyle

Julia Maher
Staff Writer

College is obviously very different from high school. Students live in dorms instead of their homes, food comes from the dining hall rather than their own kitchen, classes are now spread around a campus rather than in one building, there’s more time in between classes, and so on and so forth.
StudentThe differences between college and high school could go on forever. One major thing about college vs. high school are the classes. Coming from a high school where the classes were no larger than 25 students, the lecture classes were a huge difference. Walking into a class with 100 other students can be intimidating and it makes it harder to pay attention.
In a small class in high school the teacher can typically tell when students are not paying attention, but with a large number of students the professor cannot be sure if every student is paying attention and understanding the material. It can be easy to start daydreaming for five or ten minutes and miss a valuable section of notes.
Besides the lectures, the smaller classes are extremely different as well. The teachers give you assignments and they’re typically due the next week. A lot of the time, they’re in depth assignments that require writing and research.
In high school, most of the homework is a simple worksheet that is due the next day and the teacher reminds you about it 50 times in class. Professors explain the assignment, give you the due date, and then you are responsible for it.
Responsibility in a college environment is a must. Moving into a new environment, away from the people who love and support you, can be scary. College is the first step to becoming an adult. It is important for adults to be able to function on their own. Living alone can cause people to grow up quickly. Parents are no longer around to help with whatever is needed.collegediploma
Sometimes living on campus can feel like you are stranded, away from friends and family. Sure, there are buses that go into town, but there’s no real way to get home, unless you are fortunate enough to have a car on campus. Adapting to a new environment can be difficult.
College is a place to find yourself and find out what you want to be and do. The transitions are difficult and unexpected, but change keeps life interesting. Everything worth doing in life happens when you step outside your comfort zone.