Comedian Jamie Lee takes relationships to the next level

Kelsey Bundra
Staff Writer

This past Saturday night, UAB brought the comedian Jamie Lee to campus. Jamie Lee is best known for her role on MTV’s “Girl Code.”
Lee was also a semi-finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” She co-hosted the first annual Critics’ Choice Awards for Lee also did stand-up on “Conan” last week. She will be on “Chelsea Lately” on October 2.
Along with having a direct role in these shows, she writes for shows like “Ridiculousness” and “The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes,” a new show.
A member of the UAB warmed up the crowd with a joke. Once Lee entered the stage, technical difficulties with the mic ensued. “[We are] off to a great start,” jokes Lee. After the mic was turned on she commented, “That was super awkward.”

Jamie Lee shed good comedic light on relationships.
Jamie Lee shed good comedic light on relationships.

As Lee was checking in with the audience, she misspoke and said “Millerville.” She quickly corrected herself. Then she moved on with a comment on the campus. “I heard you have swans on campus and fat squirrels,” said Lee.
Although she started out innocently, Lee warned the audience by saying, “I [do not] think you know how bad [it is] going to get.”
Lee shared jokes about Amish country and a town in Lancaster county named “Intercourse.” She wondered aloud about how explicit she could get with the audience. “I saw three bibles backstage,” explained Lee.
A few jokes were made about drinking and her funny past with an alcoholic boyfriend. Talk then shifted to the abysmal bar scene romance. When Lee gets hit on by a stranger in a bar and he asks “What is your sign?” she responds with “Yield.”
Currently, her love life is looking up. She just moved in with her boyfriend and they live in New York City together.
Her life in Brooklyn was also discussed. Lee mentioned being cat-called in Brooklyn. Most women get offended by it while she said, “I need this.”
One cat-caller asked her, “How do you get into your pants?” To that she responded, “A shoehorn.”
While on the subject of fashion, Lee told the audience about her purchase of Sketcher’s Shape-ups. She made friends with girls because she was not competition to them. Lee imagined the girls saying in their head “Peace be with you… you little frump truck.”
Commentary on technology led to audience participation. When it was revealed that an audience member just set up a Facebook account an hour beforehand, Lee discovered new material for her show.

Jamie Lee received many laughs from the audience when she made fun of every day tasks we endure.
Jamie Lee received many laughs from the audience when she made fun of every day tasks we endure.

Halfway through the show, Lee got personal. She talked about being half Jewish and from Texas. She also joked about having a judgmental grandmother. Her parents are still married, but she is an only child. In the place of children, they have a bunch of cats and consider them her siblings.
While Lee was at Millersville, she gave a preview of “Kid Farm” which is the short she wrote. It is a parody of “19 Kids and Counting” featured on “The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes.” She also costars as Aunt Jamie, who occasionally babysits the children. Also, Lee showed the crowd a clip from the release party for the video game NBA 2K14. She conducted interviews on the red carpet. When asked what her video game would be about, she joked that it would be her looking on the computer, thinking of cats.
After she showed the videos, she waited for the projector to go up into the ceiling. “We start awkward and end awkward,” said Lee waiting to move to center-stage.
Before Lee left to take pictures with fans, she matched the audience’s enthusiasm. “Thank you so much. This has been a really fun show,” concludes Lee.