Dreaming the day away

Jack DeMaio
Staff Writer

Through fruitless attempts at reigning in the here and now, our minds wander sporadically with an extravagant character. The gentle hum of the day’s reflections allows us a chance to slip away into a state of nirvana. Daydreaming has long been defined as a waste of time. An activity that dreamers pencil in to their daily routine and doers wouldn’t do even for a Klondike bar.
daydreamingIn a nation of doers, the fact is that no one has time for daydreaming and its seemingly unproductive output. But what if daydreaming actually had beneficial side effects?
It’s never just black and white, especially in such a world of diverse color. Those who lead successful lives once daydreamed of doing so. Just like a former peewee soccer player playing amongst the pros. It all started with a plan, a course of action – a spark to set alight the will to make a daydream into a day. After all, how many presidents have there been who have admitted they had no intentions of leading a country? Daydreaming is the foundation of our goals, and can definitely make Mondays a little easier to get through.
Not only can a clear understanding of what we aim for branch from the wonders of daydreaming but it can also produce an abundance of creative thinking. Not paying attention to what’s around us has shown in studies to promote creativity and problem solving ability. Providing us with an endless collection of thought and valuable tools, it seems as if daydreaming is too good to be true. Dare I say it – it’s as if it is a dream.
In the heart of it all, where you let your mind wander is as much up to you as where you allow your life to do the same. From pondering over the regrettable decision of ordering sushi at a bar and grill to preparing yourself for an interview, it’s comforting to know that it’s all up to you in the end. But as with most things, moderation is essential.
Skipping out on a meeting or responsibility is typically not advised, and being mentally absent during such an obligation could have similar consequences. Daydreaming is a valuable tool of the mind, but is easy to abuse.
Imagine if Batman decided to let his mind drift elsewhere and subsequently missed his call to arms. The citizens of Arkham city would wish they were dreaming.
To quote J.R.R. Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost.”
As a nation of doers, we would be nothing without the dreamers we all once were. To let such an invaluable tool go untouched would defeat all purpose that is given to our hopes and goals.
Dreaming big lays the groundwork for the bigger things to come.