International short films visit Millersville

Cat Ardes
Arts & Culture Editor

The Manhattan Short Film Festival featured films from all over the world, such as “Kizmet Diner” and “No Comment.”
The Manhattan Short Film Festival featured films from all over the world, such as “Kizmet Diner” and “No Comment.”

To end the month where Summer meets Fall, Millersville’s Ware Center in Downtown Lancaster hosted The Manhattan Short Film Festival on Monday, September 30, 2013.
Lovers of anything film and especially indie film making could enjoy just a little under two hours of short films from several countries around the world such as Australia, Finland, England, France, Ireland, and the USA. The length of the films varied from the shortest being just a little longer than three minutes to the longest film screened for the evening being just under 18 minutes. Ten different films screen 800 times in over 300 cities across six continents in week as part of the World’s First Global Film Festival.
Each film that was screened had its very own touch and twisting plot in the short time that viewers watched it.
The first film to kick off was called “#30” from Australia that portrayed a talented young actress who auditions for the role of Hamlet that ended with a twist no one could predict.
“Do I have to Take Care of Everything” is a comedy from Finland that shows one particular disorganized morning of a family and a mother who decides it’s best to do everything herself.
Nail biting “Friday” from England tells the story of young man who plans revenge after the loss of his mother in a terrorist bombing in London.
“No Comment” from France shows a woman who has two unexpected encounters with men in the Jardin Du Luxemburg in Paris.
Witty film, “Irish Folk Furniture” from Ireland is an eye-opening animated documentary about recycling in rural England.
Enticing, different, and thrilling “Black Metal” from USA shows the life of a lead singer from a black metal band who confronts the effects of his violent lyrics.
Another film from France, “Faces From Places” shows portraits and the adventure through the eyes of an illustrated man that visits Moscow, Pakistan, and Quebec.
The “I Am A Great Big Ball of Sadness” from USA is a quick story of three guests at a New York City rooftop party who try to get past their cocktail smiles.
Second film from England, “Kizmet Diner” shows the uplifting that singing can do when a waitress opens the heart of bitter customer.
Third film from USA, “Pale Of Settlement” is the longest and final film for the evening that tells the story of a 10-year-old boy who faces the pressures by the Russian Army during the Crimean War.
Founding Director, Nicholas Mason, who is originally from Australia but started the Manhattan Short Film Festival in 1998 in New York City was not present but left his remarks for the audience members in a booklet that was received prior to the start of the show since.
Another unique aspect of this film festival is that the audience members of each screening are the judges of the ten final films they just saw. One film is chosen by each attendee that will be tallied after the week-long event and finally put into one big melting pot of votes for the final film to be decided on Sunday, October 6, 2013. The announcement of the final vote can be found on their website at in the winner’s link. Other cities in Pennsylvania such as York, Media, State College and Meadville will be hosting the Manhattan Film Fest this week. Be sure to keep a lookout for the final winner this weekend and for next year’s event that is guaranteed to continually have unique films each year.