JT’s “20/20” hits the right notes

Allie Remis
Staff Writer

Part two of Justin Timberlake’s album the “20/20 Experience” came out on Monday, September 30, 2013. This was the second album Justin released this year after a six year hiatus from making music. It was heavily promoted, especially by his friend Jimmy Fallon who dubbed the week before the album release as ‘Timberweek’ and had him on his show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” five nights in a row. The album itself had good dance beats and lyrical melodies if you had the patience to listen to the seventy four minute and twenty five second long album.

Justin Timberlake returns after a six-year hiatus.
Justin Timberlake returns after a six-year hiatus.

The shortest track on the album, “Cabaret,” was four minutes and thirty three seconds long, which is average for a pop song. The longest single, “True Blood,” ran nine minutes and thirty two seconds, which is not average. The last song “Not a Bad Thing” was eleven minutes and thirty two seconds long, but it included a hidden track called “Pair of Wings.” All of the songs could have been cut down to make more audience friendly tracks.
If you looked past the lengthiness of the songs there were a lot of the dance songs that Justin is known for. “Take Back the Night” was Justin’s most popular song off of the album so far, but still has not made it to number one on the charts. His song “Murder” has a mixed meter groove sure to get people dancing. “Cabaret” was one of his dirtier songs, riding the line between sexy and overly sexual with the line “Cause I got you saying Jesus so much it’s like we’re laying in the manger.” The song featured Drake whose rap added a hip-hop element to the song.

“20/20” features long dance beats and grooves.
“20/20” features long dance beats and grooves.

While Drake was an asset to the album, Timbaland was not. In “True Blood” his voice channeled the beginning of Thriller but in more of a tacky Halloween way. Also his repetitive line of “She kill me with that coo-coochie-coochie-coo” added nothing to the song and was much more trashy than it was catchy.
The song “Amnesia” took on the same “build me a bridge and get over it” attitude of his earlier work “Cry me a River,” with the lines like “I can see you need me but I don’t care.” The songs “You Got it On” and “Not a Bad Thing” were the mix of famous falsetto and sweet lyrics that Justin is known for. A lot of the long songs in this album seemed like he was trying too hard but these two songs kept it short and sweet while showing off his voice, proving that sometimes less really is more.

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