Think before you ink: a permanent decision

Ali Chiavetta
Features Writer

The college years that kids spend away from their parents are ones of newfound independence. Many times, people choose to express that freedom upon themselves with some form of body art. Though tattoos are becoming less and less taboo as the years go by, is getting one really worth it? Getting a tattoo is a permanent decision that should be researched.
First off, a tattoo is permanent. Though tattoo removal services do exist, they are often extremely costly and painful. Tattoos that hold significant meanings to their owners often cause less regret. Along those same lines, getting a tattoo is no walk in the park. In order for the ink to last long enough, the tattoo artist has to rapidly insert a needle about 0.16 cm into your skin.

The pain of receiving a tattoo can be described as scratching, sunburn, or a bee sting.
The pain of receiving a tattoo can be described as scratching, sunburn, or a bee sting.

The pain has been described as scratching sunburn, or like getting stung by a bee. Because pain is subjective, each person has a different experience. If you have a very low pain tolerance, you may want to find a different way to express yourself.
Besides the fact that tattoos are painful and permanent, they are also relatively expensive. The prices depend on the design and amount of colors used. Tattoos can range anywhere from $60 to thousands of dollars, depending on the design. For a medium-sized design with color, expect to pay at least $200 at a highly ranked tattoo parlor.
While tattoos may cost you a chunk of change, sting your skin for a bit, and stay there forever, they are also a great way to symbolize a meaningful thought or event. Tattoos are often great conversation starters. They are an immediate way for someone else to get to know something about you.
More often than not, people enjoy sharing the meanings behind their tattoos. For most people, their tattoo becomes a part of them. Whether they signify a meaningful event, represent a loved one, or have a powerful meaning behind them, tattoos have definite meaning to their owners. Though people in some professions still frown upon tattoos, a fair amount of industries don’t have that outlook anymore. For example, in the music industry, it’s almost looked down on to not have tattoos.

Tattoos can be viewed as defacing the body or a work of art.
Tattoos can be viewed as defacing the body or a work of art.

Tattoos no longer hold the same social stigma that they once had. A growing trend among married couples is to get rings tattooed on their fingers, rather than wearing physical wedding bands. Parents often get the names of their children tattooed on them, and vice versa. This trend has rocketed into popularity due to our generation’s fascination with body art.
While tattoos are a fun way to express yourself, be sure to do the necessary research beforehand to make your experience a safe one. Search for and read reviews of the tattoo parlor online before going. In order to get a price estimate, make an appointment with the artist beforehand.
The best way to find out about the credibility of a shop is to talk to people who have been tattooed there before. A shop should have hospital grade sanitation, as well as professional staff who make safety their top priority. By taking all of these things into account, the decision should become clear as to whether or not a tattoo is right for you. Remember to always think before you ink!