Donating to One Day Give

Kaitlin Specht
News Writer

“I am proud to announce for our One Day Give on 10/9 a total of $123,118.26 in gifts were donated to @millersvilleu. Thank you donors!” stated Millersville University’s President John Anderson on his Twitter page.

Students help raise money for Make it Happen.
Students help raise money for Make it Happen.

Make it Happen is Millersville University’s 24-hour, online-based fundraising event that used Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media as a first time effort to raise donations. On October 9 from 12 a.m. until 11:59 p.m., as stated by Anderson, $123,118.26 in tax deductible contributions was met, along with an overall total of 558 donors with each person giving at least $10. Just under 40% of donations were done through social media or electronically.
The fundraiser helped raise money for all types of programs at Millersville University, including: the University’s Impact Fund, academic and student programs, the Ware & Winter Centers, and athletic teams. Director of Annual Giving at Millersville University, Alice McMurry, encouraged a reach of at least 109 donors to break the university’s one-day giving record, which ensured a challenge gift of $10,000 from a friend of the university. With the help of friends, alumni, students, and employees, and supporters within the community, however, some generous alumna raised the stakes by giving $30,000 when the reach exceeded 500 donors. Thanks to everyone’s generosity and commitment, this year’s Make it Happen fundraiser was a huge success for Millersville University!