Zachariah Swope
Staff Writer

Jason’s Woods has opened every Halloween season for over 20 years and every year it adds something new as well as changes some of the old. This year their infamous Barn of Terror has closed but in its place has opened the Chamber of Horrors; a new attraction designed from a culmination of 30 years of haunted attraction design with winding corridors and dark spaces.

Jason’s Woods is a short drive from Millersville University.
Jason’s Woods is a short drive from Millersville University.

If you get the combo ticket, after going through the new Chamber of Horrors you are taken on the Horrifying Hayride. This 20 minute long hayride takes you through Jason’s Woods with some surprises at hand. During this hayride you go through iconic Camp Crystal Lake and meet Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th, you meet crazy cannibalistic hillbillies and some other scares that aren’t human. The hayride, though not overly scary, isn’t for everyone. Be prepared for close encounters with fire.
After the hayride is the walking tour of Jason’s Woods at night. It is where you can meet the Pumpkin King, a monster protecting his pumpkin patch. There is a new addition to the walk through Jason’s Woods, a claustrophobic experience, as they call it. You enter through a cave and it gets tighter and tighter until you get through an exit. It’s an addition that can make anyone uneasy.
When finished with the walking tour you enter another indoor attraction, The Pirates Revenge. This one includes 3D glasses and neon lights. The theme, as the title suggests, is pirates. However it is not just any pirates, but ones out for blood.

Be prepared to get attacked by chainsaw-wielding men on the hayride at Jason’s Woods.
Be prepared to get attacked by chainsaw-wielding men on the hayride at Jason’s Woods.

Then to end the night you come to the Carnival of Fear. The Carnival of Fear is filled with “diabolical” clowns. This attraction is short but it is also colorful and bizarre.
After going through all the haunted attractions, there are still other things you can do at Jason’s Woods. There are inflatable challenges such as an obstacle course and the wrecking ball. Depending on the night it is there are different kinds of entertainment going on stage. There is a band scheduled for every evening Jason’s Woods is open.
Earlier in the season on the 12th and upcoming on the 26th of October, the Pennsylvania Paranormal Research Team will be in attendance to show off their equipment, the techniques of what they do, and some stories about their experiences. In addition to the PA Paranormal Research Team, expect musical guest Sebastian Janoski, who released his debut single “Big City” in April of this year and who was on “America’s Got Talent” and “Katie,” Katie Couric’s show.
There is also food you can eat all over Jason’s Woods as well as two big TV screens showing clips of horror films, or comedic horror films, such as “Zombieland,” “Hellraiser,” and “Halloween.” You can also enter drawings to win prizes from PNC, a sponsor of Jason’s Woods, or Jason’s Woods themselves.
With the Halloween season there is so much you can do at Jason’s Woods. The five Haunted Attractions at Jason’s Woods can take roughly 2-3 hours to complete if you get the combo ticket.