Millersville student writes and releases book

Molly Carl
Staff Writer

Dana Beachy is a junior at Millersville who dreamed of releasing her own book.
Dana Beachy is a junior at Millersville who dreamed of releasing her own book.

Every single day, the students of Millersville wake up, eat breakfast, and head out to class completely unaware that there is a bona fide celebrity in their midst. Dana Beachy, a junior at Millersville, is just that superstar. Beachy is author of the book “Saving Grace,” which tells the story of a teenager’s life-changing experience with discovering her faith. Beachy’s description of her book reads, “Alone, unworthy, and afraid to love again, Grace can count a thousand reasons why she should not let anyone else into her heart. Seventeen-year-old Grace’s life is turned upside down when she is sent to live with a Christian foster family on a Wyoming ranch. Along her tumultuous journey to belonging, she is confronted with God’s grace, an unexpected love story, and a choice. Is the beauty of surrender worth the pain?”
Beachy began writing this book in high school, though her experience with writing stems from a young age when she first began to experiment with writing. While she loves writing fiction, Beachy’s favorite part of writing is the “joy of capturing the story in [her] mind with words.”

“Saving Grace” started when Beachy was in high school.
“Saving Grace” started when Beachy was in high school.

While Beachy has a passion for music, writing, and books, she says that Jesus is her first love, and wants the message of Grace’s story to point towards Him and His message. Without Jesus’s grace and love, Beachy says that this book would not have been possible.
“Saving Grace” has also gotten rave reviews from its readers. Danita B. calls this story “one of struggle and surrender. I was moved to tears.” Another reviewer, Olivia K. says that she “love[s] the message of ‘Saving Grace’ and the themes of hope and trust.” Another reviewer, Kaitlyn B., calls “Saving Grace,” “A wonderful story of God’s grace and faithfulness through the eyes of a young girl.”
Beachy’s book can be found online at Tate Publishing and Enterprises, and it is available to purchase a physical copy, or a digital download. More information about Beachy and her book, “Saving Grace,” can be found online
The next time you claim that there’s nothing to do on campus, prove yourself wrong by picking up a copy of a life-altering tale written by a fellow Marauder and fall in love with this story of redemption.