A new adventure: moving off-campus

Ali Chiavetta
Features Writer

Where you live can make all the difference when it comes to your college experience. Being required to live in the residence halls for your freshman year can be difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Many people meet some of their best friends in their halls. That being said, there comes a time in every student’s life where they want to branch out and live on their own. Making the decision to live off campus is a big one, but can ultimately be one with great results.
In order to move off campus, you must first complete a “Request to Move Off Campus” form that can be found online. Once that is done, you can start looking at apartments and houses. Student Services runs the two most popular off-campus housing options for Millersville students: Wellness and Brookwood (new and old). With these options, occupants are required to pay a monthly rent, as well as utilities and fees for cable/Internet.

Complete a “Request to Move Off Campus” form that can be found online, in order to move off campus.
Complete a “Request to Move Off Campus” form that can be found online, in order to move off campus.

While these housing choices are conveniently located just off campus, they also tend to be the more expensive options. Make sure to research and estimate the amount you will be paying altogether if you are thinking about moving off campus. A second option for students is to live in the apartments on the north side of campus. Places like Cottage Place and Pickwick are also conveniently located just off campus. These options tend to be cheaper, but may not be as well maintained as the Wellness and Brookwood apartments.
Perhaps one of the best options for students is to look for a house. There are several houses that are located just off campus, and are often cheaper than the surrounding apartments. Some of the houses are split, meaning that three people can live on each side of the same house. Because of the Millersville Borough law that prohibits more than three non-familial members to be living under the same roof, your roommate selection may be limited.
Choosing your roommates is an essential part of making the decision to live off campus. Because you will now be responsible for more surface area than just a dorm room, you will want to choose people who can clean up after themselves and be responsible. In most cases, living off campus actually proves to be less expensive overall than living in dorms. This, of course, depends on where you choose to rent.

Choosing roommates is an essential part of moving off campus.
Choosing roommates is an essential part of moving off campus.

When moving off campus, you must register as a commuter, which means that you are eligible for additional meal plans. Many commuters do not purchase meal plans, but rather just buy groceries and pay for additional campus items with cash or MAP (what is this?). When hunting for housing, keep in mind that rent is only a percentage of the monthly charges. You will have to pay electric, cable/Internet, and grocery bills. If you choose to move to a place that exceeds walking distance from campus, be prepared to purchase a commuter’s parking pass. Places like Kensington Club, Quail Run, Millcreek Manor, and the Park City apartments often rent to students. If living off campus next year is a goal of yours, be sure to do the research early and get your application in as soon as possible. Next year seems far away, but slots are already filling up!

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