Marauder mixer: networking with alumni

Diane Gallagher
Assoc. Features Editor

It was a wise person who coined the well-known phrase, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” After all, studies show that 65-80% of all jobs are found through networking. Even if you are not currently looking for a job or promotion it is still a good idea to continue to expand your network.
The Office of Alumni Engagement in partnership with Experiential Learning & Career Management (ELCM) and the Millersville University Alumni Association would like to help you get to know a few more powerful people in the area and develop your network.
The Office of Alumni Engagement, ELCM and Millersville University Alumni Association are inviting all juniors, seniors, grad students and recent alumni to the first ever Marauder Mixer.
Marauder Mixers are a new series of career networking events designed to connect Millersville students and recent alumni with alumni who are leaders in their particular line of work.
Networking is nothing more than getting to know people; it is about making connections and building long-term, mutually advantageous relationships. A strong set of connections can be the most powerful way to market oneself in order to successfully locate a job or grow within an organization.
“I hope there is a big turnout for this event: it will be good for current students to connect with people who share the same interests and similar backgrounds,” said Melissa Wardwell, the Interim Director of the ELCM.
Making lasting career connections with successful local alumni while building your professional skills and your network is priceless.

The Marauder Mixer is taking place on Wednesday, Dec. 4, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Oak Leaf Manor.
The Marauder Mixer is taking place on Wednesday, Dec. 4, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Oak Leaf Manor.

The mixer will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 4, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Oak Leaf Manor in Millersville, PA. Transportation to the event is available. Students and alumni who are interested in attending can contact the ELCM via email at, call 717-872-3774 or register online through your Career Connection account at
The ELCM will be holding a networking workshop prior to the event to help students learn about face-to-face professional networking skills in social business settings. During the workshop, Networking @ Noon, students will learn the importance of some key networking techniques such as:
• Introduce yourself in an upbeat manner.
• The importance of a hand shake.
• Looking for ways to help others.
• Maintaining contact with people when things are going well. In other words, don’t wait to reach out to a contact until you need them.
• Dress for success. Pay attention to your overall appearance–others are.
• Treat all people with respect.
• If you are calling someone for information, don’t ask them to call you back; you should contact them when they have more time to talk.
• Networking is an ongoing process.
• Do what you say you will do, and report back in an appropriate amount of time.
• Check in with your network frequently, regardless of your need for a favor, with thank-you cards, follow-up phone calls and e-mails.
• Reciprocate good deeds; the relationship should be mutually beneficial.

Networking @ Noon will take place on Friday, Nov. 15 in the career library located on the third floor of Lyle Hall at noon. This event is open to all Millersville students–not just juniors, seniors and grad students.