Millersville HEEDs to diversity

Carissa Slawecki
News Writer

In recent years, Millersville University has committed to making diversity on campus a top priority. Due to the dedication of the University’s students, staff, and faculty, Millersville has received the INSIGHT into Diversity magazine’s ‘Higher Education Excellence in Diversity’ (HEED) Award for the second year in a row.
The HEED Award is given to colleges and universities throughout the United States that demonstrate a level of achievement and intensity of commitment in regards to broadening diversity and inclusion on campus.
Institutions eligible for this award are evaluated based on their campus initiatives, programs and outreach; student recruitment, retention, and completion; and hiring practices for faculty and staff.
This annual award is the only national designation of its kind, in that it honors colleges and universities that are committed to making diversity and inclusion a top priority.
Millersville is home to many organizations that have contributed to making our campus diverse. In particular, the Office of Social Equity and Diversity has made it their mission to assist the University in providing a supportive community environment that promotes inclusiveness, practices civility, and values equality.
Their goal is to provide leadership for campus equality and diversity issues and serve as advocates for students and employees by fostering a campus climate that is free of harassment and discrimination.
Millersville students seem to recognize diversity on campus and can identify University efforts to foster a diverse environment.
When asked for their thoughts about diversity at Millersville, students replied in a variety of ways.
“I feel as though Millersville has a very diverse campus community,” said McKayla Herman, class of 2015. “There are so many different ways to get involved. There is something here for everyone. It’s an environment that makes us feel as though we belong. It’s nice to share interests but embrace differences at the same time.”
“I feel receiving an education in a diverse environment helps prepare us for the real world workplace,” said Austin Weidler, class of 2015, “because knowledge of diversity enables us to work better together.”
“For the demographics of Lancaster County, I feel that Millersville University has a strong representation and support for diversity on campus,” said Christi Wertz, class of 2014. “Although the university many not be culturally diverse, there are many clubs and activities that promote the acceptance of diversity on campus.”
Receiving the HEED Award validates the efforts of many individuals at Millersville, and helps to promote the campus’s commitment to diversity. Millersville’s efforts will be recognized in the November issue of INSIGHT into Diversity magazine.