Diane Gallagher
Assoc. Features Editor

Most people have heard of “Girls’ Night Out,” a planned event where a group of females get together for a carefree evening that consists of two rules:

1. Have fun.

2. Everything (that isn’t “accidentally” posted to Facebook) is off the record.

But fewer people may have heard of “Girls’ Night In.”

“Girls’ Night In is important because we can all get wrapped up in our lives from either being a student, working full time, or being a stay-at-home mom,” said Kristina Miller, a Pure Romance consultant in the Lancaster area. Pure Romance is one of the nation’s fastest-growing woman-to-woman direct sellers of “relationship enhancement” products.

There are two rules to girl’s night out: Have fun & everything that happens that night is off the record.
There are two rules to girl’s night out: Have fun & everything that happens that night is off the record.

Since 1993 Patty Brisben, founder and chairwoman of Pure Romance, has stayed committed to producing high-quality products and breaking down negative stereotypes about women’s sexual health awareness and education through the promotion of a fun, clean, and classy corporate image.

“These parties are a great reason to get the girls together for some catch-up time, drinks, and why not add bath, beauty, and bedroom accessories into the mix? It’s a great escape from reality, which we all need every now and then, and a great way to spice up things in the bedroom,” said Miller.

“Girls’ Night In is so important. This type of event allows for us ladies to spend quality time together. I loved the games,” said Heidi Young, one of Miller’s clients.

Pure Romance’s line of products is marketed through a network of in-home parties organized by more than 100,000 specially trained independent sales consultants throughout the United States, Australia, Puerto Rico, and South Africa. According to Miller, the company works hard to support its founding mission: that “women should have access to safe products, as well as to sexual health education and resources in their communities.”

The host of a Pure Romance party receives a free gift and credit based on the total purchase amount of party guests to put toward her favorite products. Let’s not forget an amazing event your friends will be talking about for a long time to come.

Much like Girls’ Night Out, Girl’s Night In has two rules:

1. Women only.

2. Everyone in attendance MUST be over 18 years of age.

Ordering of “relationship enhancement” products is done in a separate room; this is because sales increase when people can make the purchase behind closed doors and more people attend the parties when they know ordering is private. Partygoers may receive their products the night of the show, or the item will be shipped to them within 10 days.

Customer Logan Radle said, “The party gave me a fun night out and the chance to not have to worry about stuff that needed done.”

Want to learn more about Pure Romance parties or becoming a consultant? Contact Kristina Miller at 717-573-3833, www.kristinamiller.pureromance.com, or visit www.pureromance.com.