MU Costume Shop finds a new home

Ali Chiavetta
Features Writer

The Millersville costume shop has moved! The costume shop was formerly located in the basement of Hobbs Hall. The new location of the shop is in Jefferson Hall on Cottage Avenue. The official address of the new location is 164 West Cottage Avenue and it is open to the public for all costume rental needs.

Rentals are available for events such as birthday parties, costume parties, murder mystery parties, theatrical shows, dances, classroom presentations, weddings, Halloween parties, etc. The hours for the fall semester are Tuesday from 12 – 6 p.m., Wednesday from 12-6 p.m., Thursday from 12-6 p.m. and Friday by appointment.

The costume shop is now located in Jefferson Hall, 164 West Cottage Ave., Millersville, Pa.
The costume shop is now located in Jefferson Hall, 164 West Cottage Ave., Millersville, Pa.

The costume shop opened in 1982, providing service to Millersville University theatre productions. The costume collection (all 10,000 costumes) was given to the university as a gift from Jean Loeb. Mrs. Loeb was a resident of Lancaster, and a veteran costumer for several local productions. During her time with the costumes, Mrs. Loeb ran a costume rental service in Columbia, Pa.

Many of the costumes originally came from Wass & Son Costumers of Philadelphia. Wass & Son was known for over 100 years as one of the top costume companies in the eastern United States. The company was responsible for providing costumes for thousands of productions and costume parties.

Students are able to rent many things from the costume shop, including a limited number of suits and dresses for concerts or presentations. Junior Melissa Sell recounts her experience with the costume shop.

“We went to the Millersville costume shop during Homecoming week to get our costumes for the parade. We were all supposed to dress up like royalty, with kind of a medieval feel. The costume shop had exactly what we were all looking for, and I got to wear a cool blue princess dress in the parade! They were really helpful in finding us the right stuff to wear, so I definitely would recommend going to them if you need a costume!” The shop makes events such as the Homecoming parade successful, and is available for student use during each semester.

The costume shop offers all sorts of costumes, from cowboys to cowgirls, princes, princesses, clowns, Alice in Wonderland, belly dancers, ancient Egyptian, patriotic, chickens, cows, reindeer, elves, pirates, flappers, mobsters, gypsies, 50’s girls, Victorian wear, Renaissance, Marilyn Monroe, athletes, Austin Powers, Jack Sparrow, knights, policemen, astronauts, hippies, Indiana Jones, kimonos, and many more. The shop was responsible for providing many of the costumes for last year’s production of “The Pirates of Penzance” and will most likely be providing its services for future Millersville theatrical productions.

The costume shop is easily accessible by phone or email or their new and improved Facebook page. It is a great one-stop shop for theme parties and costume parties alike. The Millersville costume shop is able to provide service for all of your costuming needs, so stop over at Jefferson Hall to check out the new location!