Brandy Andrew
Head Copy Editor

I don’t know about all of you, but I came to college to learn, not teach. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in some professors to prefer having the students teach each other under the rouse of endless presentations.
I currently have a course where the professor’s job is to sit at a desk and grade the students as we go through each chapter of the book he should be teaching.
Not only that, but also we present every other aspect of the course material. How am I supposed to learn anything when my job as a student is to put together the lesson plan in classes like these?
Even worse than individual presentations are group projects. I have never had more group projects in school than I have had this semester. Group projects are only good for learning how to work with other people. How many group projects do
we have to do in order to be able to get along? I think we’ve all figured that out at this point.collegepresentation
Now when a group project is assigned, what to students do? Divide the work, swap emails and never see each other in person. Half the time one person takes over the whole project and the rest of the group does minimal work, learning nothing.
I’m not sure if I’m just jaded from 16 years of schooling and ready to get on with my life (yeah, that might be it), but if it’s your job to teach me at an undergraduate level, you better get up off your chair and teach me something. The other students in these classes don’t have their degrees; they aren’t certified teachers, why do I care what they have to say? Spoiler alert: I don’t care. And none of my classmates do either.
I have presented in one class or another almost every week this semester, and looking out at the class I saw nodding off, texting, taking selfies for Snapchat (which is an entirely different rant), but shockingly no one watching my every word and diligently taking notes. I don’t blame them because I don’t know what I’m talking about.
I appreciate professors have a lot of students to handle, many more than high school teachers, but that wasn’t a surprise when they went into college teaching.
They should at least be expected to lecture or in some way relay the information to us. If all a professor does is assign presentations on the information we are supposed to be learning and then watch us do his or her job, they aren’t earning their salary. The students are only half learning the information they present, and aren’t retaining any information from the other student presentations.
When I graduate I want to know as much as I can so I can move forward in life, go to graduate school, and get the career I want. What I don’t want is to graduate, know half of what I was supposed to learn, and say, “well I did a lot of presentations and group work, so that’s good.” I have many more presentations to go this semester, and I’ll grin and bear it, but I will hold my grudges.