Sony releases new PlayStation 4 system to anticipators

Zachariah Swope
Staff Writer

Back in February in New York City, Sony Entertainment unveiled their new video game console that would usher in a new era of gaming. Since that announcement, Sony has announced their new controller, new games, and revealed the console, the PlayStation 4 (PS4).
For those who are trying to decide on whether to get the PS4 or the soon to be released Xbox One, the PS4’s competition, which should be the best seller? One could look at the 23 game line up and the various policies that Sony has put in place or solidified this past year. You can still trade in your old games and let friends borrow them. You don’t need an internet connection to play the PS4 and the price is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. Just to note, these policies have been there from them beginning, and the Xbox One changed its policies.

Sony released its new gaming system, PS4, on November 15 with many reviews already.
Sony released its new gaming system, PS4, on November 15 with many reviews already.

When you turn on the PS4, you are introduced to the set up page. You need to do the day one patch to play the games. But no worries, you can download the update on any computer as long as you have a USB drive with more than 1 GB space to spare. After the initial set up you are then introduced to the new XMB (cross media bar). It might be a bit similar to the PS3 version but it has been updated extensively and it is easier to navigate. The new PS Store is also a revamped version of the PS3 version and is easier to navigate as well as better organized.
A new feature to the PS4 is the sharing option. While playing a game you can stream your game play (as long as you have an internet connection) via streaming services Ustream and Twitch. The last 15 minutes of game play at any time is recorded so you can always go back and make a clip of an awesome kill streak you did while playing “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield.” At the time being there is no streaming to YouTube, a big player in video game streams.
And what is a gaming console without any games? At launch there are 23 titles, some exclusive to the PS4 like “Killzone,” “ShadowFall” and “Knack.” There are a few free-to-play games available as long as you have an internet connection like “Warframe” and “DC Universe Online.” If you are a PS+ member, which is now a requirement to play online, you also get “Resogun,” an arcade shooter like “Space Invaders” and “Contrast,” an indie platformer that takes place in 1920’s Paris. There is definitely a game for any type of player. In addition to the games, there are 13 different apps you can download (Netflix, Crackle, Amazon Instant) with more on the way.
The PS4 does have a 500 GB hard drive and with that, a lot of space is used for downloading your games. Each game has a mandatory download but this leads to instant load times and various other features you can explore while playing with the PS4.
One last thing is the new controller. The DualShock 4. It has a touch pad that takes a cue from the Wii by also being a speaker. The touch pad is not a gimmick either. It is a nice fun addition that is completely optional. There is the new Share button that lets you start streaming or upload any clips you would like from your console of your game play. The location of the buttons is different, as well as the position of the thumb sticks, which makes for a more solid comfortable experience.
The PS4 is beautiful with its 1080p graphics and slick look. It is a nice way to start the next generation of gaming. There is much you can do with games and with more than 120 games in development as well as new features that have yet to be released, there is a lot to look forward to. Now that only leaves the Xbox One to be released and next gen can truly begin.