Study to the beat

Ali Chiavetta
Features Writer

They may seem far off in the distance, but finals are closer than you think. While sitting down at a desk surrounded by textbooks makes most students unhappy, a killer playlist can boost your mood and motivation. Check out the following songs, and renew your motivation to get through finals week!
1. “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood. This song has a catchy beat that will get your feet tapping and the blood flowing back to your fingers so you can finish writing all of those notes.
2. “Warrior” by Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra. This song’s strong beat and tone make it the perfect upbeat jam to fuel your energy at the beginning of your study session.
3. “Reunion” by M83. This song’s electronic feel and lack of understandable lyrics make for a perfect study song, as your brain won’t be focused on the lyrics while you’re reading or writing.
4. “Trees” by twenty one pilots. This song starts out quiet and more subdued, but then builds throughout, helping your energy to pick back up.
5. “Troublemaker” by Weezer. This is a fun song that will have you singing along and build your morale. It will bring your mood back up and put a smile on your face!
6. “Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight. Again, this song starts out softer and quieter and builds throughout. The intense feel of this song will help you remember why you are studying and motivate you to push through and go for that good grade.
7. “Sleep” by Allen Stone. This song is perfect for a study break, as it has a great beat you can snap your fingers to. Get up, stretch out, and move around in order to clear your head and get your blood flowing. Studies have shown that taking brief study breaks throughout your session can help to lower your stress level and increase the amount of information you retain. Get up and dance!
8. “Keep Your Head Up” by Ben Howard. The title says it all with this song, so add it to your playlist to help you keep a positive attitude as you sit back down and try to focus.
9. “Stay The Night” by Zedd ft. Hayley Williams. This song will put the energy back into your study session and have you singing along in no time.
10. “Dreaming” by Smallpools. Like many others on the list, this song is just pure fun. Having songs like these keeps your energy high and your attitude positive!
11. “Letting You Let Go” by Paper Route. This song is another intense one that will get your heart pounding and give your studying purpose.
12. “Bad Blood” by Bastille. This catchy tune is another one to keep your adrenaline pumping to stay focused when you are hard at work.
13. “Follow My Feet” by Unlikely Candidates. This song is all about identity, so listening to the lyrics will help you discover the things you will achieve after doing well in school (or on this test!)
14. “Little Games” by The Colourist. As the hour is coming to an end, this song is pure fun to have your feet tapping with the thought of taking another break.
15. “Atlas” by Coldplay. This new Coldplay song is the perfect one to round out your playlis, and end your study session on a high note.