Are we offended too easily?

Christian Harding
Assoc. Opinion Editor

I’m offensive. You’re offensive. He’s offensive. She’s offensive. This is offensive. That is offensive. No offense. Offense not meant. Offensive language. Offensive content. Offensive subject matter. Offensive jokes. Were you offended? I was offended. We’re all offensive. Everything ever in the entire history of the world, past, present, or future is all offensive.
Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as if being offended is a perfectly natural thing. We’re all human beings with different opinions and conflicting viewpoints on several different topics, and certain things are bound to rub us the wrong way. Despite this, we all have to accept one primeval truth about ourselves. The simple occurrence of our being offended is… absolutely meaningless.
art-353-mouth-300x0Personally speaking, I know that I’ve been offended in the past, at least at some point – it’s bound to happen to everybody. While no specific occurrence springs to mind at the moment, the mere fact of my being offended is certainly not going to prompt me to start a campaign to get the object of my offense banned forever. And if someone ever did try something like that, they would be a complete fool for wasting everyone’s time.
The point that I’m trying to make here is that there are too many people out there that think just because they find something personally offensive, that they can tell everyone associated with said thing what to do and how to do it – or in some cases, not even do it at all.
Everyone knows of at least one example of this, and there have been so many instances of this, it’d be foolish to highlight just a single one in particular. These people think that their being offended somehow makes the object of their offense indebted to them in some way, but it really doesn’t.
Am I being too optimistic here? Perhaps. I might be too optimistic when I say that people shouldn’t be putting their offense on a pedestal and saying “This is how it should be, not just for me, but for everyone.”
Whoever these people are, they’re going to keep going with their campaigns to stop everything, and ban everything, until everything has been successfully stopped and banned. What we really need to do is stop stopping things, and stop banning things as well.
We need to realize that because we’re living in a country where if somebody says something that offends you, then you also have the right to say something that offends them. Do we want to be a nation of deaf mutes or should we just grow thicker skin?