Michael Blackson

In between Lenhardt and Burrowes Hall, Phase 1 of the University’s $180 million new housing project stands as two of eight buildings to be completed over the course of five years. These first two buildings, which are scheduled to be completed by August 2014, will cover 185,000 square feet and include 695 beds.

Hobbs Hall will be the first residence hall to be torn down, in February 2014.
Hobbs Hall will be the first residence hall to be torn down, in February 2014.

As a result, Lenhardt, Burrowes, and Hobbs Hall will be demolished over the course of 2014 to provide additional space for the remaining, state-of-the-art residence halls. According to Geoffrey Beers, CEO and General Manager of Student Services and Student Lodging, the three halls will be removed through “mechanical demolition” instead of explosives. Construction equipment will carefully tear down the buildings to avoid damage to any of the surroundings. Hobbs is the first scheduled resident hall in February 2014 followed by Burrowes and Lenhardt in the summer of 2014.
Students who reside in Hobbs Hall are being relocated to vacancies in other halls for the spring 2014 semester. Phase 1 is on schedule and will be available for occupancy at the beginning of the fall 2014 semester. Phase 2 is in the design stage and construction will begin following the May 2014 commencement. Phase 3 is scheduled to begin during the summer of 2015 on the site of Burrowes and Diehm Hall.
For more information on the new housing project and a live feed of the construction grounds, visit http://www.newvillehousing.com/.