Nick Foles in midst of MVP conversation

Troy Losey Jr.
Staff Writer

Is Nick Foles making a case for MVP?
I watched the Eagles Sunday afternoon as they took on the Arizona Cardinals in a game that was a battle for the last wild card playoff spot. Both teams came in on hot streaks with the Cardinals winning 4 in a row and the Eagles 3. While watching the game, I witnessed the Eagles offense run smoothly and succeed through the passing game with Nick Foles at the helm once again. The Eagles ended up winning a nail biter down to the end 24-21. The one thing that I noticed the most watching this game was that Nick Foles is making a case for Most Valuable Player of the National Football League. I know what many people are thinking or saying, how can Nick Foles, who wasn’t even looked at as the number 1 option at the start of the football season, be a candidate for the hardest award to win in the NFL.
Once again Sunday, Foles had a brilliant game throwing for 237 yards and 3 touchdowns. The way that he is running the Eagles offense, alongside LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, has Eagles fans thinking that they may have a future for the playoffs this year, and years to come. Foles improved to 6-1 on the year as a started and now has the Eagles tied up again for first in the division at 7-5 with the Dallas Cowboys. Now on the year, Nick Foles has thrown 19 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. He is one touchdown away from tying the record set by Peyton Manning for most touchdowns without an interception to start the year.

Foles sits above Peyton Manning statistically on the year.
Foles sits above Peyton Manning statistically on the year.

Foles has been brilliant and is making a strong case to be considered an MVP candidate for the Eagles as he strives towards the final 4 weeks of the year. With 19 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, a 6-1 record, and the best passer rating in the league. So what does Foles really have to do to be considered for the MVP? Well, looking around the league there are many players that could be considered for the MVP. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Calvin Johnson are a few of the top candidates that could take the honor. Most people will say that Manning will win the MVP especially if his team wins out and they clinch the division and best record in the AFC. So what really does Foles have to do to take home the award? Well in my opinion, first he has to win these final four games of the regular season and finish 10-1 with the team for the year. This will be tough since the Eagles play the Vikings, Lions, Bears, and the Cowboys. If he can win out this is the first shot of him winning the honor. Foles will also have to throw a few more touchdowns. If he could get to 30 touchdowns and maybe even stay at 0 interceptions for the year, this would vastly improve his chances of taking the award home, or being highly considered for it. The last option that could really help him have a chance at this award is to lead the league in Quarterback passer rating and potentially break the record for individual Quarterback passer rating for an NFL season.
If Foles could do all 3 of these and continue to have success behind the Eagles Offensive Line I give him a shot to win this award. It would be crazy to see someone like Foles be able to keep his great performance and hot start up and to see him give Peyton Manning a shot for his money if he can keep this great play going. I would love to see him finish off the year how he has started and let the voters decide who has been the most valuable player so far and who really has been the best player in the league. It will be hard to take down Peyton Manning, as he is the clear cut winner so far this season. If Foles can keep up his great play and break a few records along the way, I would love to see him take the award home as he would for sure deserve it.
Overall, Foles is the best option moving forward for the Eagles and making a run at the MVP this year is just showing it to all of the public. The Eagles may have finally found their Quarterback of the future moving forward. Many did not know if Chip Kelly would be able to find a quarterback that could fit his offense well, and so far, Nick Foles has been a perfect match for his up tempo offense and may be the perfect match for what Kelly is looking to do. It will be a fun final 4 weeks in the NFL, especially as this MVP race is heating up and Foles is remaining a viable option for the MVP talks.