Theodore R. Griffiths: Farewell Article

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Staff Writer

Before I begin this farewell, I would like to thank Bryne Helen Lewis for sparking my interest in philosophy, Dr. Chuck Ward for greatly increasing my understanding of philosophy, Dr. Dominic Ording for forcing me to realize that there are some great American authors, and Dr. Jill Craven for being my personal therapist during each semester, especially while I have been writing my undergraduate thesis.
Graduation is typically a word surrounded by celebration, but to me it is a synonym for terror. I am now entering the unknown of the professional world, and one that I know is rife with unemployment and millions of young adults with the same dreams as myself.
Since I already focused on those fears in my article this week, maybe I’ll be optimistic this time around.
If there is one thing I will cherish from my time at Millersville University, it is the growth I experienced as I went from a 21-year-old child to a 23-year-old man. I won’t credit that to the school itself, but much more to the people around me, and to the fact that I was no longer surrounded by the mass of underachievers residing in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
As a transfer student, I never felt as though I was 100 percent immersed in the Millersville University culture, but it was still an interesting two years. I will not be leaving here with many friends (maybe 1), but I was more concerned with my future than joining the atmosphere of cliques that high school and college offer.
I can thank Millersville University for one thing; I met my future wife here. That is an amazing fact because I am a person lacking in swagger, with even less sophistication.
I guess at this point I will be required to talk about my time at The Snapper. Some of the most sincere people I have met at Millersville University work for free at this newspaper. At the same time, some of the most irritating people I have ever met work here. I guess you have to take the good with the bad, and the intelligent with the “I took one marketing class and now I’m a marketing God” type of people.
I am far from a sentimental person, and I refuse to change who I am to write what is supposed to be my goodbye to The Snapper, but I must say that I feel slightly somber at the sight of my end here with the opinion section.
I began my time here at The Snapper only last semester, and since then I have gone from staff writer to associate opinion editor, and finally, to opinion editor. It has been an interesting ride with no shortage of drama, but I honestly would not trade in my time here for anything else Millersville had to offer.
Since I cannot repeat anything that happened in New Orleans on this page, then I will simply say that I love everyone that I had the honor of sharing that trip with. You all made my final semester something worth remembering.
Well, I guess this is it. Good luck to Maria Rovito as my successor in the opinion section. I swear to science that if I see any unicorns or rainbows in this section next semester then I will be in that office taking over my position; this time as an alumnus.
Good luck to my fellow journalists, but not good enough luck that you get a job before me. I have to pay rent, man.