Zack Staab: Farewell Article

Zack Headshot_editZack Staab
Staff Writer

To be honest, I haven’t been looking forward to writing this goodbye letter. This is not due to laziness, nor is it due to senioritis; rather, the reason is because I am not accustomed to writing subjectively for The Snapper. I am genuinely discouraged over the through of writing an article without interviewing several students or teachers first. Is this what news writing has done to me? I won’t ponder that question any further because this article is actually about something very important to me.
Over the last three years, The Snapper has been a source of many challenging, tremendously rewarding, and unforgettable experiences in my life.  The Snapper is where I met many of my closest friends.  The Editor-in-Chief, Michael Blackson, was my first roommate when I transferred to Millersville three years ago. Had it not been for Mike, I never would have joined The Snapper. Thank you to Mike for inspiring me to join the student-run newspaper and for helping me improve as a journalist.
I want to thank Gene Ellis, The Snapper’s faculty adviser, for his dedication to The Snapper staff.  Seriously, Gene has an impeccable knack for being a mentor and friend to everyone he meets, just by being himself.
I want to thank the Assistant News Editor, Vi Le, for literally coming out of nowhere and taking on a laundry list of responsibilities. Thank you for all of your help with our section, especially for the numerous times you prevented my ridiculous headings from being published. The news section would have been a mess without you.
I want to extend my sincere gratitude and best wishes to Danielle Kreider. I learned so much from your unsurpassed passion for journalism. I miss going down to the office and seeing you taking a nap on your comfy chair.
To the Photo Editors, Rachel and Kevin, I appreciate all of the times you went to news events, recorded the names of people, re-sized pictures, and took time out of your busy schedules to take pictures.
To all of the contributing news writers, I am truly grateful for all of the hard work you put into your articles. I certainly enjoyed reading your article, as did students, faculty and the surrounding Millersville community.
Finally, in closing, I want to say thank you to all of The Snapper’s editors and readers for your support and devotion that made MU’s student-run newspaper an award winning publication.