Let’s build a snowman

Ali Chiavetta
Features Writer

As the snow continues to fall and classes continue to get cancelled, it seems like this winter may never end. Though it’s important to stay caught up on schoolwork during these snow days, there are several other ways to make your day off count for something. With these crazy blizzards dropping feet of snow, there’s plenty out there to get creative with! The most conventional (and “Frozen” inspired) way to spend your day is to build a snowman.
Though this may sound clichéd, change it up by inviting a few dozen of your friends. Get together with your hallway or neighbors, and see just how big of a snowman you can build. Another fun way to spend your time out in the elements is to build a snow tunnel. Completing such a task takes hours, but provides an amazing finished product to be proud of. Playing in the snow may seem like a throwback to your childhood, but it is actually a great way to bond with friends (and burn calories!) While these activities encourage camaraderie with your fellow students, feel free to be the initiator of a campus snowball fight! Get together with your team to build a home base fort and pelt the other team with all you’ve got! If the snow isn’t really your thing, it’s always great to spend the day curled up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

A conventional way to spend a snow day is to build a snowman.
A conventional way to spend a snow day is to build a snowman.

Use the time to step away from your textbooks and catch up with your favorite authors. Start reading through a list of books set to play in theaters in 2014 such as Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin, Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Fault in our Stars by John Green, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn or Wild by Cheryl Strayed. If reading seems too taxing for a day off, spend some quality time with your Netflix account and catch up on popular shows like “How I Met Your Mother”, “New Girl”,” Pretty Little Liars”, “Community”, “Parks and Recreation”,” The Walking Dead” or “House of Cards.” While the plots of these shows heat up, treat yourself and your roommates to some Pinterest inspired recipes for treats. Whipping up delicacies like snow ice cream, whipped hot cocoa or cake batter pancakes make the snow day seem more like a vacation day.
In order to stay caught up on current events, use your day to catch up on the Olympics in Sochi. For those events that you missed in live time, check the website of your cable provider. Often times, you can find popular Olympic events on-demand. If you would rather spend your time being productive, snow days make great organizing days. Use your extra time to clean up your room and make labels for your school supplies. By keeping your work space clean, you’re more likely to sit down and actually do homework at your desk once you have class again. Nowadays, many teachers are posting assignments on D2L, so be sure to stay updated on your workload. While it may seem like spring is just around the corner, Punxsutawney Phil forecasted six more weeks of winter, so hold on to those hats and gloves!