Lexie Corner
Staff Writer

“The Walking Dead” continued its hit series with another episode this week entitled ‘Inmates’, which did a roll call of other characters that survived the Governor’s vicious attack on the prison during the mid-season finale.

Daryl and Beth are together, but Daryl is obviously struggling with having faith in the plagued zombie world, which is understandable. Daryl has been there since day one, when their camp outside Atlanta got destroyed, followed by Hershel’s farm and now, the prison. He has very little hope left, and Beth notices this and tries to reassert her deceased father’s endless faith in survival. I can already see the internal war blasting inside of Daryl’s head: will he convert back to his old, arrogant loner self from the first season or continue to be the Daryl everyone has learned to love?

Zombies make their way to new locations of the survivors after a year of the outbreak.
Zombies make their way to new locations of the survivors after a year of the outbreak.

Next on the list of survivors are Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and, surprisingly, “Little Ass Kicker”. Honestly, I thought baby Judith was dead. In the comics, she was already dead at this point, but many people would not have liked the idea of a baby being torn to bits by ravenous walkers so the writers made a cautious decision.

However, having a baby during the zombie apocalypse still comes with its perks, such as attracting walkers with her non-stop crying. Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika are all struggling with this fact, and we delve into Lizzie’s sociopathic behavior even more this episode. In short, I don’t trust her at all. I still believe that she was the one feeding rats to the walkers and dissecting them at the prison, which is still a plot point that I hope they don’t forget to address. Why would someone kill a rabbit in this infested world and not use it for food? It’s because she’s a child morphing into a serial killer, and the fact that Tyreese trusted her and Mika with the baby as he went off to explore a distant scream is, frankly, dumb. Tyreese has been known to make irrational, illogical and rash decisions, so I wasn’t surprised when he left them behind in the forest.

This is where we get to see Lizzie’s true nature: with walkers approaching, she decides the best thing to do is to nearly suffocate baby Judith. I was deeply disturbed by this event, since it shows the drastic measures she will take for survival. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at some point, she even killed off her little sister to live. Thankfully, Carol returned to save the day, but fans know the explosive confrontation that will happen in the near future with her and Tyreese. Tyreese still doesn’t know that she killed his girlfriend, even though there is still some speculation that Carol was covering for Lizzie.

Carl bonds with Michonne in the newest episode.
Carl bonds with Michonne in the newest episode.

Towards the middle of the episode, we see that Maggie, Sasha and Bob are all still alive. Maggie is very distant, her mind blowing up with thoughts of her possibly dead husband, Glenn. Determined to either find him or his corpse, she sets off to look for the school bus she last saw him on. Sasha and Bob follow her and they come across the bus filled with walkers. In good ol’ “Walking Dead” fashion, the three of them slaughter every walker to discover that Glenn is not one of them, to Maggie’s relief.

Glenn, instead, is still at the prison. In a scene that I could see being in “The Hangover: Part Four”, he wakes up on top of a nearly eradicated bridge with a herd of walkers moaning and snarling beneath him. He is the luckiest man on the earth at this point. It’s incredible how not one zombie wandered up on the ledge and chomped on him, but I’m still thrilled he made it. It’s been great seeing his transformation from meek and weak-willed pizza boy to zombie-killing warrior over the seasons.

Armed with a riot gear uniform and many weapons, he sets out to find the others when he comes across one of the Governor’s soldiers, the self-loathing Tara. He decides that he needs all the help he can get and convinces her to tag along. They make it out of the prison together, but after beheading a few more walkers, Glenn collapses and a new set of characters are introduced: Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.

If you don’t know, these three characters are vital in the comic book series. Since the Dixon brothers don’t exist in the comics, and at this point Tyreese is dead, Abraham becomes Rick’s right-hand man, so I can inform you that no, he is not a villain. If the writers make him to be one, I will be very, very upset.

All in all, this episode was stellar. I wish it was more focused like “After” was, but it would be extremely time-consuming to focus on two groups of survivors from the aftermath of the prison per episode like the previous one did. For the comic book fans, however, this episode made us terribly excited. The next plot arc, the Alexandria safe-zone and the Saviors, is extremely explosive and jaw-dropping. If you thought that the Governor was the epitome of evil, just wait until you meet the new villain. He’ll make the Governor seem like a crumb of dust compared to him.