Senate Recap

Anthony Jadus
Senate Recorder

This past Thursday, February 27, 2014, student senate started off the meeting by inducting one new member, Meghan MacBride.

Veronica Longenecker from the IT Department came into the meeting to talk about printing on campus and allowances on printing. The data she brought was gathered from the last three semesters, and the numbers almost averaged out to what was expected. She stated that the department was looking to continue to move towards a green, environmentally friendly approach.

This approach was her main reason for coming in to talk to us, as she proposed an adjustment to how many pages we are currently allowed to print. The current page allotment a semester is really high, and it would be beneficial to change it, but the proposal is a bit drastic. It limits students to 100-pages a semester without rollover or refunds of unused prints. Each page used after the 100 allowed would cost students 5 cents.

Taking a step back to reflect on the data, over the last three semesters, an average of 44% of Millersville students used from 1 page to 100 pages, 24% used 101 pages to 250 pages, about 17% used 251-500 pages, 10-11% used 501-1000 pages, 3% used 1001-2000 pages, and 1% used over 2000 pages.

This plan brought in by Veronica was not received well by the senate. The majority of the students are not being represented. This plan is so drastically different from the original plan, and so different from the one that senate proposed, that there is not really much room for this plan to be put into place without a good amount of backlash from the student body. She said she would take senate’s input back to the committee charged with the task, and there will be some changes made to her proposal.

Switching gears, senate addressed the issue of the disabled student experiencing snow difficulties on campus and the student from last week’s meeting who fell on the ice. Parth, Vice President, talked to grounds keeping, who assured him that they were doing everything they could. Something is being done to resolve this issue, and on top of the actual snow removal process, senate talked about different ideas to help out students with problems traveling in the conditions.

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The Concert Committee has decided on having Panic! at the Disco for our spring concert on April 17th. This year there is a new system for the school where the band will actually be playing in Lancaster, and will be opening up for a large festival of bands. Students at MU will have a discount on the festival, and the committee is working on getting students transportation to the event.

That’s it for this week, so be sure to check in next week for more updates.