Troy Losey Jr.
Staff Writer

This is a debatable topic that keeps coming up for me every time I sit down to watch the Sixers take the floor in nights like last night when they are playing the New York Knicks.

I am sitting and watching this team struggle to finish the season, and they have not won a game since January 29th when Evan Turner hit a buzzer beater against the Boston Celtics, oh by the way, Turner was traded a few weeks ago to the Indiana Pacers.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ young talent has yet to come to fruition, as they haven’t seen the winning side of a game since January; however, hope still remains for the future.
The Philadelphia 76ers’ young talent has yet to come to fruition, as they haven’t seen the winning side of a game since January; however, hope still remains for the future.

At the start of this season there looked like promise with a young team and a new up and coming coach. We started the season looking at a potential roster full of Michael Carter-Williams, Nerlens Noel, Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young, and Spencer Hawes.

Lots of things changed such as Turner/Hawes being traded, Noel being out for the year because of a knee injury, and the solid play of MCW and Young. The problem with this team is, they lack leadership and have no one that will make them accountable. Why would they have someone make them accountable, the “brain-trust” of the Houston Rockets, Sam Hinkie is now the General Manager of the team? He is in an all “tank” mode, and wants a great draft pick.

So the question still remains is this the worst team ever? I thought about it a lot and looked at their roster. Our roster is a bunch of past first round picks that everyone gave up because the player either was not up to par, or they had no time to wait around and see what they had.

I looked at their roster and looking at their team, I think this is the worst team to ever take the floor in the NBA. When your roster consists of past first round picks that are rejects on any other team like: Byron Mullens, Elliott Williams, Tony Wroten, James Anderson, and Arnett Moultrie, you’re going to they could compete for the worst team ever.

The only bright spots that we have seen this year is the emergence of Michael Carter-Williams, the more development of Thaddeus Young, and Tony Wroten at the 6th man spot. This team has not one in over 40 days and if it keeps going in the same direction is has gone in those days, we may not see another win this season.

Sixers2The Sixers do not care anymore how many games they lose or how many guys they “try-out” and have on 10 day contracts. All they want to do is tank the season, and set themselves up for the next 10 years instead of right now. They are trying out numerous players to see if they can find a diamond in the rough, and so far, it has not helped one bit.

Players like Dewayne Deadmon, Earl Clark, Danny Granger, and company were all brought in via the 10 day contract, or a trade. All of these players were released without question as they try to rack up more money for free agents this summer as well as building through the draft. To me this is a great idea and we will have some future to look at after this offseason.

But to get to my point, I do think this is in fact the worst NBA team that we have ever witnessed. It is a matter of opinion, and I am a huge Sixers and NBA fan. I have watched every game they have played this year, and I was even a season ticket holder 2 years ago.

But to look at this team and not see a “Minor” league team or D-League team by watching them, I have to see that they are terrible. Overall, the future looks great and we should see what next year has in store. If we can build on from Noel and MCW we have a shot to be in contention in the East as early as next year.